America has voted for Joe Biden to take over the reins, and Donald Trump has to bow out. However, the incumbent Potus feels the result does not reveal the truth. He has gone to court, but there is no likelihood of reversing the status, and Biden would become the 46th president of the United States. The inauguration would take place on 20 January 2021, and Trump might not attend the program. There is speculation in certain quarters that he might go to Scotland to play golf. Media reports tend to lend credence to such a line of thinking. Prestwick Airport is near the Turnberry golf resort, which Trump owns.

This airport is in readiness to expect the arrival of an aircraft that Trump uses. The date identified is January 19. It happens to be the day before the swearing-in ceremony of Joe Biden.

The Herald describes the aircraft. It is an American military version of the Boeing 757 that the vice-president uses. The First Lady also uses it. An anonymous source told the media outlet that information on Presidential flights is known much in advance. This is because of the work involved in such missions. Moreover, increased activities of United States Army aircraft in the area have fueled speculations surrounding Trump’s possible visit.

Preparatory activities for a probable visit of Trump

Sources indicate preparatory activities noticed in the vicinity of Turnberry where Trump has his golf resort.

A couple of military surveillance aircraft of the United States conducted what appeared to be aerial surveys of the area. The aircraft made use of a nearby airbase. One of these even landed at Prestwick on November 12. Daily Mail UK quotes an anonymous source who said this aircraft has the ability to perform in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance ISR role.

The aircraft made several flights over Trump Turnberry and was visible in the area for a long time. Probably, Trump could be here for an extended period.

Donald Trump might announce a re-election bid for 2024

There are indications that Trump might not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. He has no plans to invite Biden to the White House or even call him.

Instead, he might announce a re-election bid for 2024. Only three outgoing presidents refused to attend their successor's inaugurations. They belonged to the 19th century and were John Adams in 1801, John Quincy Adams in 1829, and Andrew Johnson in 1869. In case Donald Trump does undertake a trip to Scotland, it could be interpreted as a breach of coronavirus restrictions.

In the UK, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced a new nationwide lockdown in Britain. This is because of a new strain of coronavirus. The lockdown would continue until mid-February. Turnberry golf course comes under ‘Tier 4’ rules and is presently under closure until at least February 5.

Trump loves to golf, and in February 2019, he played with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus in Mar-a-Lago,

Trump could avoid the inauguration altogether

According to Mirror UK, Donald Trump failed to get a second term as President and could avoid Joe Biden's inauguration altogether. He has been trying to overturn the election result. It was a comfortable win for Biden, and the US Congress is expected to certify it on Tuesday. There are rumors that Trump might not be present at the event but make a trip to Scotland. Prestwick Airport near Glasgow received directives to arrange for a US military aircraft's arrival on January 19. This happens to be the day before President-elect Biden takes over. There is no information about the occupants of the plane, but Trump used it on earlier occasions. In June, Joe Biden expressed worries that Donald Trump might refuse to leave the White House if he lost.