"A Promised Land," the much-awaited memoir of former US President Barack Obama, is finally released. It could create records with the number of copies sold in the United States and Canada in the first few hours. This steers it to a track to be the best-selling presidential memoir in modern history.

This first-day sale is a record for the publishers and is a total of different types of sales. The people loved Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Both of them came from humble beginnings, and the common man could relate with them quite easily. Obama's popularity gave him a second term at the helm of affairs.

David Drake, publisher of the Penguin Random House imprint Crown said: "We are thrilled with the first day sales," reports Fox6Now.

Daily Mail UK adds that the first day sales of "A Promised Land" is more than that of "Becoming," which is the memoir of Michelle Obama, former First Lady. Her Book was released in 2018 and has now topped 10 million copies worldwide. Both these books are by former residents of the White House, and people are curious to know more about their lives.

The memoir of Barack Obama

"A Promised Land" is the first of two books penned by Barack Obama, the President for two consecutive terms. It came out just after Election Day. In September, news in the media reported that the memoir of Barack Obama would release two weeks after the US presidential election.

It took him nearly four years to complete the biography after leaving the White House. Joe Biden was his most trusted aide for the two terms, and the result of the election could have a positive effect on the book. As president-elect, Biden has the responsibility to carry on Obama's unfinished work concerning subjects like climate change.

In the book's introduction, the author admits that it kept growing in length and scope because he had so much to talk about. Daily Mail UK says he wrote the memoir against a backdrop of issues like the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests.

He was also worried about the goings-on in the country. In view of the pandemic, he would not be able to embark on a tour as Michelle had done for her memoir "Becoming." A tour helps to popularize the book because readers get an opportunity to interact with the author. That is advantageous, and Michelle reaped the benefits.

Other books by Barack Obama

Daily Mail UK goes on to add former president Barack Obama occupies a rare stature among politicians. He loves to write his own books. To him, the nature of the story's narration is more important than the story itself. That endears him to his readers. His earlier books are "Dreams from My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope." In his memoir, he made a mention of the Osama bin Laden incident.

He was not one to spend his time idling. In May 2017, Barack Obama was enjoying his retirement playing golf in Italy. This is a game where the power of concentration plays a vital role.

Another Barack Obama best seller in the making

According to USA Today, "A Promised Land" is a bestseller in the making. It is penned by Barack Obama and is on track to become the best-selling presidential memoir in modern history.

The publishing house, which published both the Obamas, had reportedly paid around $60 million for their books. It has yet to release a paperback.

Memoirs of earlier presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are no match for the one by Obama. This book charts his path to the White House up to 2011. In the memoir, the 59-year-old former president reflects on his legacy and dwells on some issues he faced during his tenure. "A Promised Land" is the first part of his memoir, and his readers would be waiting eagerly for the second volume.