Former US President Barack Obama arrived in Italy after traveling from Milan and is staying in the 14th-century village of Borgo Finocchieto. It was nearly 200 miles journey and was he seen playing golf on the exclusive golf course of Castiglion del Bosco located in the village. He is on a six-day holiday and is accompanied by wife Michelle.

Incidentally, this golf course is the only private golf club in Italy and set within a UNESCO World Heritage Site and membership to the club is by invitation only.

The Italian holiday for the Obamas

New Zealand Herald reports that Barack Obama and Michelle will have the village completely to themselves for the duration of their stay of five days and will get total security coverage from the Italian state.

Armed police and the 18-hole golf course will be secured when the former president will engage in the game of golf.

It is a part of their all-expense paid world tour as they arrived in Tuscany on a private plane with escort of fighter jets followed by a motorcade for the road journey. Locals lined the streets and waved to them as the motorcade passed by. The villa where they will occupy is some distance away from the main road which will guarantee them privacy.

In case they want to look around the countryside, they have several options like on horseback, by car or scooter, or even helicopters and hot air balloons. As a safety precaution, the authorities have banned wild boar hunting in the area to prevent any accident from flying bullets.

The Obamas are enjoying their retirement

Ever since they left the White House in January, they have gone on a number of vacations and are expected to proceed next to Florence and Siena. Barack Obama had been in Italy recently to speak at the "Seeds & Chips - Global Food Innovation" summit. Here he dwelt on subjects related to climate change and, in the course of his talks, made a mention to politicians.

His wife Michelle participated in a different program. It was the summit for the Partnership for a Healthier America in Washington, DC. While on the subject, she talked about the Trump administration and its decision to put an end to her project that envisaged healthier meals in schools.

Michelle cannot blame anyone for shelving her projects because these happen once a new administration takes over the reins.

It tries to undo all the programs of the past and introduce new ones and this is more so when there are different ideologies at work like those of the Democrats and the Republicans. It is not about the fancies of individuals but about their mindsets and is not unique to America – it happens all over the world.