President Donald Trump is seeking another term in the White House. His Republican Party chose the White House South Lawn and the Rose Garden to conduct its National Convention festivities on Aug. 27. The occasion was the speech of the President accepting the Republican nomination. The result of the convention was extensive damages to the lawns and surrounding greenery. It was because of the large crowds present on the grounds and the use of heavy equipment to prepare the venue. An estimated 1,500 supporters had arrived and were seated on chairs.

There was a stage erected in front of the South Portico apart from huge TV screens. In order to ensure adequate illumination, there were spotlights. All of these fell in the category of heavy equipment and it was the grass that suffered. The cost of restoration would be borne by the campaign, not by taxpayers. A Trump campaign official confirms this.

Washington Post says the decision of Donald Trump was unprecedented. It amounted to staging political events on public property.

Some view it as using “the people’s house” for personal gain. Crews are engaged in restoring the lawns' other repairs. Prior to this event, first lady Melania Trump delivered her convention address. It was in the newly reconstructed Rose Garden. Supporters were in chairs and there was turf on top of the grass for protection.

South Lawn of the White House and some popular events

The South Lawn sees large events like the annual Easter Egg Roll. This year, the Fourth of July celebrations were done on the South Lawn of the White House. An official admits that after such public events, the administration undertakes necessary repairs. It was done earlier also because large gatherings damage the grass.

Washington Post quotes a spokeswoman who confirmed - “Turf restoration is underway on the South Lawn. The National Park Service is using cost recovery funds from the RNC to pay for the work. Cost recovery was a condition of the permit for the event and federal funds were not used.” The event was for the reelection of Donald Trump and his opponent Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden is worried that Trump might refuse to leave the White House if he loses.

Repairs and improvements to the White House

An official of the White House mentions about ongoing construction activities in the White House.

These include various repair works and a number of improvements that were already in the planning stages or under consideration. Washington Post informs that work of this nature disturbs the normal rhythms at the White House. An example is of the president moving to a nearby airbase for recent flights via motorcade. This is because his helicopter Marine One cannot land on the South Lawn while construction and repair work goes on. The manner in which the trappings of the presidency was used to stage part of the Republican convention has not gone down well with government ethics experts and many Democrats.

Cost of repairing damages to the lawns of the White House

According to Sky News, the White House grounds are undergoing repairs because of damages to the Rose Garden and South Lawn.

The Republican National Convention held its program at the venue and the grounds need re-turfing. The cost would be in the region of $80,000. Donald Trump went against long-held norms and made use of the White House grounds to accept his party's nomination for the presidential candidate. It was a campaigning event for his reelection. There was a sizable crowd of supporters and they trampled on the grass. Restoration work would involve the removal of crab apple trees. There would also be the addition of a 3ft-wide limestone path. Improvements to its drainage and broadcast infrastructure are also on the cards.