As the day of reckoning nears, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump wonder about the outcome of the November elections. Joe Biden is the hopeful of the Democratic Party and his competitor is Donald Trump who is keen to get a second term as president. It seems some recent comments by Biden did not go down well with Trump. The comments referred to an imaginary scenario of Trump losing and being dragged out of the White House by troops.

President Trump blasted Biden and admitted to a section of the media that he would leave the Oval Office peacefully if he loses and fails to hold on to his seat.

He went on to add that, in his opinion, it would be a “very sad thing for our country.” He also dropped hints that Biden was hiding in the basement of his house.

Daily Mail UK deals at length on the interview between the president and the media. The focus of the interview was on various current topics including the recent civil unrest. Trump took a sideswipe at Biden and talked about sanctuary the Democrat had taken in the city. It seems the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has been running his campaign from his basement because of travel restrictions and shutdowns associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump does not have such problems and plans his rallies for June 20.

Donald Trump says he has other options if he loses

The president said that if he loses in November, he would vacate the office peacefully. He also said that he has other options he can pursue if he does not get a second term. The reporter referred to comments made by Biden that Trump would “try to steal this election.” Biden mentioned several possibilities.

In an interview he said, “It's my greatest concern, my single greatest concern. This president is going to try to steal this election.” The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee went on to say there is a feeling in the ranks of his party that Trump would refuse to concede the election if he loses.

Daily Mail UK brings the recent criticism by the former Joint Chiefs of Staff and quotes Biden saying that, if required, the military would escort Trump out of the White House.

A move of this nature would be unprecedented in the history of America.

Smooth transfer of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden

According to CNN, Joe Biden sounded an alarm that GOP could introduce methods to limit voting access. Such actions could favor Donald Trump and improve his chances of winning the November election. Replying to a question from a media outlet, Biden gave examples of the involvement of Trump in spreading false conspiracy theories about voter fraud. He brought up the incident of Georgia’s botched primary Tuesday. There were problems with voting machines and other issues that led to delays at some polling places in predominantly black areas. Biden made mention of military leaders who, in recent times, criticized Trump.

Incidentally, Biden had hinted that Donald Trump could try to shift the election date quoting coronavirus. Of course, Trump has rejected this. The main issue is a peaceful transition of power if Trump does not get a second term. Rep. Cedric Richmond is a Louisiana Democrat and co-chairman of Biden's campaign. He feels the military generals and others will ensure a smooth transfer of power.

Donald Trump versus Joe Biden

Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the US and he is trying for reelection. The Democratic Party wants to deny him that chance. In April 2019, it was the early stages and with many contenders in the fray, Donald Trump saw either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden as his adversary. By June 2020, the picture became clear that Donald Trump would have to face Joe Biden in November.