Normally there is a prior announcement of the schedule for when President Donald Trump will go for his medical checkup. It is understandable because he is in his 70s and has to bear a lot of tension. It is not an easy task to run a government and tension is inevitable. Therefore, the visits to the doctors are planned in advance. However, the latest one on Saturday took everyone by surprise. He wants to be as fit as a fiddle to face a “very busy 2020.” Hence, he went for his annual physical exam at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.

His stay in the hospital was for a couple of hours.

CNN quotes his Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham as denying any health issues. She said, "He's healthy as can be." She explained that his energy level is higher in comparison to others in the White House and added that he anticipates a very busy 2020. Therefore, he decided to take advantage of a free weekend. That is why he went to Walter Reed. Incidentally, a knowledgeable source revealed the trip was not on his schedule as of Friday. Obviously, it was a late decision for whatever reason.

Trump’s earlier visits were planned

Stephanie Grisham went on to add that while in Walter Reed, he took the opportunity to meet the family of a soldier who suffered injuries in Afghanistan.

The President also met the medical staff of the facility, thanked them for the attention they extend to the wounded warriors and wished them an early happy Thanksgiving.

CNN goes on to say the President is preparing for his reelection campaign next year. He is also involved in a House impeachment inquiry and he wants to ensure his fitness level.

There was adequate advance planning for his earlier physical exams in office. This time, it was sudden and instead of using the Marine One helicopter, he preferred to travel by road. He underwent a full checkup at Walter Reed in February and was in "very good health overall."

The visit came as a surprise

According to The Guardian, the visit of President Donald Trump to Walter Reed was the ninth one since he took over office.

His last checkup was in February 2019, and it revealed he had put on weight in office. The checkup was done under the supervision of his physician and lasted for more than four hours. A team of specialists was also involved. Hence, the latest visit has come as a surprise and raised many eyebrows. It appeared to be an impromptu one because it was not in his weekend public schedule. Stephanie Grisham confirms, “The president remains healthy and energetic without complaints.” She adds that the he has no health issues. The proof is in the rallies he holds several times a week. His critics might read a lot into the unannounced visit to the hospital, but there is no apparent reason for concern. He remains focused on his reelection campaign.