The teenager selected his 16th birthday to shoot fellow students of Saugus High School in southern California. He later turned the gun on himself and died in the hospital of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. In the opinion of los angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, it was a planned attack but the motive is shrouded in mystery. His words were - "We know it was a planned attack. It was deliberate." Police know the identity of the suspected gunman. It seems he had a weapon in his backpack. He pulled it out in the quad area of the high school and began to shoot at random.

The incident happened at around 7.38 AM. The sheriff recalled that the suspect’s mother had dropped him off at school. As he was shooting, his gun jammed and he took a few seconds to clear it and continue shooting.

NBC News says the total operation lasted 16 seconds and he appeared to be familiar with firing the weapon. Fortunately, the students had recently been through a training course related to school shootings and were subsequently able to move out of harm’s way by following the drill.

Democrats open up on Twitter

Democrats Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter to slam this incident of gun violence on a school campus.

All of them are in the 2020 presidential race and will likely use the opportunity to open up on the subject of Gun Violence.

The suspect had a troubled past

Fellow students of Saugus High School were stunned because the suspect was a Boy Scout.

There was no apparent link between the gunman and his victims and the firing appears to have been at random. His actions of violence did not match with his character because his fellow students say he was smart, and quiet and never displayed signs of a violent nature. One of his neighbors said he lost his father recently and that could have led to a stressful situation.

The sheriff's department is exploring all possible angles to discover the motive.

NBC News adds that the suspect stayed in Santa Clarita and detectives searched his residence. They found some firearms that belonged to his father and interviewed his mother and girlfriend in order to understand the mind of the gunman.

Investigators try to locate the source of the weapon

According to the Los Angeles Times, investigators have seized unregistered firearms from his home.

They are trying to locate the source of the handgun used in the deadly attack on students of Saugus High School. Investigators want to know the source of the weapon. It could be a ghost-gun made by procuring the parts and then assembling them. It was the suspect’s 16th birthday and the attack lasted 16 seconds. He chose to kill a few before ending his own life. His victims were a girl and a boy and he wounded another three. From whatever little is known about his personal life, this could have links to the psychology of the individual.