The US president's movements are monitored by the press and people all over the world. President Trump made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Medical Center last weekend. The visit fuelled speculations that he might have had a heart attack. The president took umbrage at this report and said that he had gone for a "very routine physical" checkup and was out of there very quickly and went home. This is reported by Washington Post.

It must be mentioned that this was the first unscheduled visit of the president to a hospital. Dr. SeanConley, the president's doctor, claimed it was a routine visit and the rest of the examination would take place in January.

The president claimed that he had been to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in Bethesda, Maryland, and along with his checkup, had visited the family of a badly injured soldier and toured the hospital.


The president castigated the press for spreading misinformation. He claimed he had spoken to his wife, Melania, and she told him that the press reported that he had a heart attack. He claimed that CNN spread a news about massive chest pains. The president castigated the press and claimed that such reports showed that "the press really in this country is dangerous."

Facts about Trump

The facts about Trump are well-known. The president is now 73 and is the oldest president ever sworn into office for the first time.

Obviously, because of his age, there is speculation about his health. It is reported that he traveled to Walter Reed Hospital in a motorcade with an ambulance in tow. This raised eyebrows as under normal circumstances, and he would use Marine One helicopter.

The visit was also unscheduled and probably taken on the spur of the moment for some discomfort the president may have felt.

Trump's doctor, Sean Conley, tried to set the record straight by claiming it was an "interim checkup." Dr. Conley further added that he did not undergo any specialized cardiac or neurologic testing. This statement was to clarify to the world that the president was fit.

Concerns about the president's health have been raised before.

Earlier medical reports had confirmed that the president was obese, but this by itself does not mean a person will get a heart attack.

The Guardian has reported that Dr. David Moron, director of preventive cardiology at Stanford University, told the New York Times that he would be worried about the risk of a heart attack if the president was one of his patients. He further claimed the president was not in perfect health.

Last word

President Trump must be a worried man. Along with speculation about his health, he is facing an impeachment inquiry by Congress. He is only the third president to face such an inquiry, and despite a lot of bravado, it would be creating tension for him. A further cause for worry is that the president always went to the hospital on a scheduled visit, and this was the first time he went without scheduling.