The US-Mexico border wall is back in the news. Human traffickers breached the wall and entered California with a stolen utility truck in which there were a number of illegal immigrants. Most of them were from Mexico with a couple from Guatemala. The miscreants selected a relatively weaker portion of the wall that was made of soft landing mats. They cut through it with ease to gain entry into America. The alert U.S. border agents noticed the breach in time and gave chase. They apprehended the driver and the people who had arrived in the vehicle.

The driver was trying to enter a house. Customs and Border Protection agency says there were men as well as women and they have been shifted to the nearby Border Patrol station for processing. The authorities have seized the stolen vehicle.

Daily Mail UK quotes an official saying the miscreants targeted the old border wall in a “brazen smuggling attempt.” U.S. agents took prompt action once they discovered the hole in the wall. The location was near the town of Campo on the U.S. side. The man who was at the wheel made an attempt to flee but did not succeed. It was all over within 15 minutes.

The need is for a wall that cannot be breached

Douglas Harrison is the chief agent for San Diego.

He talked highly of the steadfast vigilance that led to the arrest of the illegal immigrants. He explained that the nature of the terrain was difficult and the overloaded vehicle had unsecured passengers. That could have led to an accident endangering lives. People could have suffered serious injuries and even death. He went on to add that this incident illustrates the weakness of old-style walls made of landing mat.

The need is for a wall that is made of stronger material, which can withstand such breaches.

Daily Mail UK goes back in time and says building a wall with Mexico was one of the most high-profile promises of Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign.

He has delved into military funds to raise the necessary finances to build a border wall. His target was to build up to 500 miles of the border wall by the 2020 election but the progress is slow.

Border wall is a problematic issue

According to Independent UK, the border between the US and Mexico is around 2000 miles and the Trump administration has replaced some 60 miles of the border wall since 2017. However, there is no addition of any new sections. Some places on the border have natural barriers in the form of water bodies and deserts. These are more formidable than any man-made wall. A media report indicated smugglers had cut through even the new border wall. They used commercial saws. Another report says miscreants used rubber ladders to scale the wall. This goes to show that those who have a criminal bent of mind seem quite innovative. They will work out methods to circumvent obstacles, especially when the stakes are high.