Donald Trump had promised the US-Mexico Border Wall during his presidential campaign. Rigid specifications were defined to ensure that the wall would be impregnable in order deter smugglers and illegal migrants from crossing over from Mexico. Contractors built a set of prototypes and the CBP approved them after carrying out exhaustive tests. However, media reports indicate that the wall can and has been breached in a number of places. It seems any ordinary saw can cut through the wall to make gaps wide enough for smugglers to continue with their nefarious activities

Daily Mail UK quotes President Donald Trump saying – “you can cut through” any wall.

That was his response to the reports that mentioned about smugglers sawing through parts of the newly erected US-Mexico border wall. He did not appear to attach too much importance and dismissed it lightly. Incidentally, his stand goes against his earlier stand that it was “beautiful” and it was just not possible to breach - even with the use of power tools. In fact, in September, Trump had confirmed that it was “virtually impenetrable.” However, it seems the smugglers made use of cordless reciprocating saws. These are available in the open market for less than $100.

It is possible to beach the wall

Smuggling gangs in Mexico cut through the wall on a regular basis and the U.S.Border agents and officials confirm this.

Media reports mention the modus operandi which involves creating the suitable size of openings to allow people to pass through with consignments of drugs. The equipment they use can cut through the steel and concrete bollards of the walls in a matter of minutes. Once they slice through, the smugglers push the obstructions out of the way to make way for an adult to pass through.

In the opinion of experts, all it needs is a skilled person to cut through the bollard within a few minutes.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add drug smugglers have links with criminal organizations in Mexico.

They generate billions of dollars in revenue and they keep modifying their mode of operation to ensure their interests are protected. Trump's campaign promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. However, that has not happened and its funding is by taxpayer money. Officials have not provided details of breaches but have admitted to it and have beefed up security at the San Diego and El Centro areas in California.

Trump shrugs off concerns about the wall

According to Fox News, President Donald Trump is apparently not worried about reports that smugglers might have cut through portions of the US-Mexico border wall. When asked by the media, he admitted that the border wall was powerful, but it is possible to cut through anything.

The authorities have taken remedial measures. One of these is to install electronic sensors to detect vibrations from saws. This is implemented in certain sections. It is a cat-and-mouse game with drug smugglers trying to outsmart the law enforcing agencies.