The 2020 US presidential election has many Democrats in the field and voters appear to be a confused lot. Instead of talking on a common agenda, the contenders are trying to get an edge over their rivals by heaping criticism on them. Right now, the Democratic Party field has five women, three black candidates, a Latino man, and a gay man. Some of them are seasoned campaigners and some are first-timers. Therefore, Former President Barack Obama decided to have his say on the subject. He chose to speak after the fifth Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta.

He cautioned the Democrats they should have unity of purpose and not adopt 'purity tests' in the presidential primary. Such actions do more harm than good.

Daily Mail UK says Barack Obama spoke to a group of donors in Los Altos Hills, California. It was at a question-and-answer session with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. The former president had kept a low profile until now on the elections but felt the contenders needed some guidance. He realized there has to be a cohesive approach because internal bickering among party members confuses the voters.

Obama outlines important topics

The former president says all the candidates agree that Democrats must have subjects like better health care, education and climate change on their agenda.

The field has candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden and Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They must give the voters confidence in being able to oust Donald Trump, but that does not appear to be happening. Instead of demeaning others, the candidates must reset their priorities. Obama gave them his clear-cut message: “‘we will not win just by increasing the turnout of the people who already agree with us completely on everything.”

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that Obama has given the candidates enough food for thought.

His logic is simple – it is the way issues like healthcare, climate change, and education are framed that can win over the voters. The topics must address all sections of society and not just some selected groups. In the opinion of the former president, a spirited primary will help the final nominee gain in strength to take on the Republican candidates.

Candidates must join forces to fight Trump

According to CNN, former President Barack Obama has finally opened up about the 2020 US presidential election. He knows there are multiple candidates in the field but all must rally behind whoever emerges from the primary process. While talking at a fundraiser in Silicon Valley, he cheered the vigorous debate within the party. He also made a mention of problems a few of them might face if they win the nomination or if they win the general election, especially the women and the single gay candidate.