Amid tensions between James Comey and AG William Barr, Comey accused Barr of “peddling conspiracy theories” last week On Twitter. In a CBS interview, Barr made an oath to investigate the origins of the Russia probe that started in 2016.

Since then, many officials have spoken against Mr. Barr and called him a “conspiracy theorist.” With many Republican officials on his side, Barr has begun looking into the unverified Steele dossier and what role the document had in the decision to investigate the Trump campaign.

In the accusation, Comey claimed that Barr “offers no facts,” and that he should “gather facts” and show them.

According to the Daily Caller, the FBI investigation into the Trump camp relied heavily on the infamous Steele dossier. Barr confirmed this when he announced that he would be investigating the investigators.

Reports claim that Barr unsatisfied with intel reports

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller wrote that Barr was not satisfied with the answers he received from the FBI’s investigation and the government’s surveillance activities regarding the FISA warrant that was obtained using an intelligence report which included the Steele dossier.

President Trump weighed in on the Mueller investigation last week on Twitter. He quoted Sean Davis of The Federalist as saying that “Mueller proved his operation was a political hit job.”

The president also claimed on Twitter that Robert Mueller, among other candidates, visited the Oval Office to ask about being selected as the new FBI director.

President Trump claimed that it was because Mueller didn't get that position he pursued the job of Special Counsel.

Of course, the president has been saying this all along. As you may recall, Mueller spoke for the first time since he began his work as Special Counsel, last week.

In the speech, he said that he would not be giving testimony to Congress. He also confirmed that everything he needed to say--he included in his report. However, as Barr has said, there are questions as to how the Special Counsel’s investigation started in the first place.

Reports say that the Steele dossier is the primary motivation.

Reports claim that the CIA was against the inclusion of the dossier with the intel report, but Comey insisted that the documentation should be stapled to the intel report when applying for the FISA warrant.

The Comey-Brennan blame game

This “blame game,” as some call it, has pitted Comey and John Brennan against one another. Both former intel directors claim the other is to blame for including the dossier with the FISA report.

The GOP now questions the reliability of James Comey’s testimonies.

Comey's credibility became questionable for many when he refused to Hillary Clinton with negligence regarding her email scandal.