Bronny James lands on Instagram and fills it up with followers. After only two days, the son of champion James LeBron earns 1.5K followers. However, the kid has received a lot of criticism from the haters, who have not appreciated the compromising videos on his official profile. The videos in question, however, are old and the most credited hypothesis is that they were not posted by Bronny. What is certain is that Bronny James' Instagram profile has been taken by storm and the criticism doesn't stop proliferating.

Bronny lands on social media, has LeBron's blessing

Finally, Bronny, James' son has managed to get his father's consent to open his Instagram account. The same LeBron presented Bronny on social media, who commented as follows: "Welcome to the heir of the throne". However, Bronny's idea was not brilliant, as some compromising videos appeared that triggered the haters' anger.

As we know, Bronny is already a promise at basketball and a star on YouTube. According to Sports Yahoo, just two days after opening his official Instagram profile, the kid broke through one million in just a few hours. One of the first photos, shows LeBron's son in action on the field. In the Instagram stories instead, Bronny is seen visiting the Lakers' training ground, in the company of his father LeBron.

There are also private photos, in which the young promise of basketball dinner based on tacos or spends pleasant moments with the family. Everything seemed quiet, until the moment when those compromising videos that risk to get Bronny in trouble appeared.

LeBron's son stormed by haters on Instagram

In Bronny's compromising videos, you see the little boy offending women, using a strong African-American accent.

Among the statements of the boy you can hear: "These women don't care about anything". More seriously, Bronny would have encouraged the use of drugs, especially marijuana. Obviously, there have been numerous comments from users who have criticized Bronny's behavior and statements. "We're sure LeBron will punish his son, he's going crazy." According to news from Espn, other followers, on the other hand, have judged Bronny's statements as "normal" for his young age.

Despite the controversy and criticism, Bronny's official Instagram profile has gained even more followers and fans. Some speculate that these videos are not posted by the kid, but private chats exchanged with his friends in a playful tone. LeBron James, before giving his son's approval to land on the social networks, had asked the haters to refrain from unpleasant comments. So evidently it was not. Stay tuned for more news about Bronny James.