Santa Rosa Police Department took to social media, singing its praise for Lyft driver Del Hedrick. The department’s verified Instagram account does not mince words in stating, “Community Hero Alert.” The message focuses on the efforts that Hedrick undertook to aid and protect a toddler he saw wandering alone, without shoes or suitable outdoor clothing while the weather was "incredibly stormy” on February 12, according to the police.

Baby wandering along the road ‘with no shoes’

As Hedrick dropped off a fare at an apartment complex around 10:30 at night in Santa Rosa, California, he “suddenly” saw a toddler, who was on the side of the road and “unaccompanied,” the police noted.

Hedrick also shared a video on his Facebook account, commenting that he found a “baby walking around, no shoes on, no nothing.” He assured that officers were en route.

Barefoot little girl dressed in pink kept ‘warm and safe’

The Lyft driver took the barefoot little girl, who is 18-months-old, to his car. Though he searched for where she might live, he did not locate an ajar door or see a sign that “anyone was missing a child,” the Sacramento Bee reported. While waiting for police, Hedrick kept her warm and safe.” The little girl, dressed in pink, is depicted in the video sitting on the Hedrick’s lap.

Police praised rideshare driver on social media

Officers praised Hedrick on Instagram for escorting the child “out of harm’s way.” After police arrived, they continued searching for the little girl’s “caretaker,” the Bee noted.

She was reunited with her family in Santa Rosa’s Roseland area, according to Sergeant Jeneane Kucker.

"It was a total oversight,” Sergeant Kucker explained, SFGate reported. A babysitter did not realize that the baby made her way outside, adding that the situation appeared to be “an open-door kind of thing.” In response to Santa Rosa PD also sharing the story, with its happy ending, on the agency’s Facebook account, Jackie Reese commented, “I was that toddler in San Jose 45 years ago!

A police [officer’s] wife picked me up. Thank you for keeping her safe!”

Little escape artist’ elicited memories among social media users

Little escape artist!” Facebook user Lynda Tatrai wrote.

“My kids used to run off in the day. Get that top lock!” Also among people who commented was Josée Frenette-Vallelunga, who stated, “Every parent's worst nightmare. Good job Del!” There is no shortage of praise and gratitude social media users have expressed for Henrick's actions, safeguarding the little girl until officers arrived.

Police find Henrick’s actions ‘heartening and inspiring’

Santa Rosa PD relayed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that Hendrick’s “initiative,” sheltering the toddler” until officers were able to locate and reunite the toddler and her family “is both heartening and inspiring,” which several news agencies also reported.

The PD thanked Hedrick for helping the toddler “in-need,” adding that the community of Santa Rose is “strong” as a result of people such as the Lyft driver.

“We need more people like this,” Instagram user @awesposs415 commented on the PD’s Instagram account. Another user wrote, “We live is a community with mostly good people. So thankful and proud to have people like Del among us.”

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