Kayla “Kiki” Paschall is not a novice when it comes to selling Girl Scout cookies but her novel approach caused her cache of 1,000 boxes of cookies to sell out in one day, according to United Press International. Paschall, 10, did a remix of “Money” by Cardi B. The video went viral after it was posted online on February 1.

Cookie money slated for community service

Paschall and Troop 3246, covering California’s San Fernando Valley, set goals they aim to achieve with money raised from their cookie sales. KCAL9 (CBS Los Angeles) reported that the funds are earmarked for visiting a senior center, as well as for serving meals to homeless people and making a trip to Washington, D.C., where they want to visit the National Museum of African American History.

While Paschall has sold Girl Scout cookies in the past, sales were nowhere near as brisk as her one-day inventory sell-out following her rap video going viral.

After Cardi B’s hit hip-hop track received a lyrical make-over, the Girl Scouts of America (GSA) shared Paschall’s video on Twitter, E! Online reported.

Cardi B shared video with millions of social media followers

Cardi B responded positively to Paschall’s parody, making the lyrics age-appropriate for Girl Scouts.

The effect was that Cardi B retweeted the video to almost five million followers. She included the comment, "I want all the cookieshhh.”

Marketing approach spelled huge sales difference

Shania Accius is Paschall’s mother. When the duo sold cookies in the past, their experience was nothing like this year – so far.

Sure, the Girl Scout cookies sold but on their final day of sales, Accius explained, they were “sitting out in front of some supermarket trying to sell our last few boxes.

According to WHNT (CBS), the mother and daughter determined to take a different approach.

‘Money’ makes fine fit for pitching cookies

Accius noted that Cardi B’s “Money” attracted people doing remixes.

She realized that the chart-topping song “might be the right one” for her daughter to make over, WHNT also relayed. The outcome of Paschall’s recording is a rendition fit for pitching Girl Scout cookies, including the lyrics, “I got girls in my troop, cookies to roof.”

Paschall’s Troop 3246 also posted the video on its Instagram account -- gsglatroop3246 – along with a caption, stating, "12,000 plus boxes ordered and only about 4,000 left in our inventory” after a mere four days.

Some of the comments by social media users include cosplaymashupgirl noting, “I would buy just to support this amazing girl! Is there a link to order???”

Additionally, another user wrote, “This is great!!! I love it. Creative and done with class!!!

This is the best!” Hot 93.7 KSPI stated, “Killed it!!!!!! Wanna come on the radio!”

After actualizing a new strategy for selling the cookies, Paschall is definitely not hearing the same as in prior years. Accius said that people offered excuses when they were asked if they wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies. “Oh, I already bought some” is not the tune when people hear Paschall’s “Money.”

Cardi B has several nominations. The Recording Academy set the record straight about false information spread on Twitter about this year's list of winners, which will be revealed during the actual awards program on February 10.

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