Airports are not known for evoking tender, heartwarming images that capture acts of kindness. A photo of Carter Jean Armentrout and Joseph Wright waiting out time for a flight, however, provides a shining example of free time bringing two people together. Carter Jean and Joseph could not possibly be more different. An image of the two sharing space and time has touched people. The photo of the duo has gone viral.

Poignant airport photo and caption capture people’s hearts

Kevin Armentrout shared the photo with a poignant caption of his toddler daughter, Carter Jean, and Joseph on social media on February 2.

The image certainly reached a soft spot in people. The photo on Kevin’s Facebook account has been seen by nearly 420 thousand people, garnering 14 thousand comments over a five-day span. More than 160 thousand people have also shared the photo, which makes a positive and powerful statement in itself.

Image evolved organically

Coupling the photo with a moving caption opened dialogue between many people, sharing fond memories of others who either extended or accepted unexpected acts of kindness. The photo’s evolution was organic. Kevin explained that he “just put her down, let her walk and followed behind her,” WHAS11 (ABC) reported.

Along with his wife and daughter, the trio was travelling to San Diego from Las Vegas when the chance encounter between Carter Jean and Joseph happened.

The toddler walked to Joseph, who asked the little girl whether she wanted to sit with him, according to Fox News.

Little girl and businessman form fast bond over tablet, talking Snoopy

Her dad stated that he is “conscious of people’s personal space,” Yahoo Finance reported. Kevin tried to “steer her away.” Joseph, who did not mind at all, welcomed the toddler to sit beside him.

The two formed a bond.

Joseph Wright, who works for Samsung as a field manager in Oklahoma, “pulled out his tablet,” sharing it with the toddler and allowing her draw. Carter Jean offered him Cheese Puffs. The two also watched Charlie Brown, Yahoo Finance relayed. Additionally, they “talked about Snoopy,” Fatherly reported.

Image conveys the world father wants for daughter

“Watching them in that moment,” Armentrout noted on Facebook that he ”couldn’t help but think, different genders, different races, different generations, and the best of friends.” He also stated, “This is the world I want for her.” His social media post also included a message to Wright, thanking him for examples of “kindness and compassion” offered to Carter Jean. Additionally, he penned, “Continue to shine your light in the world.”

Kind stranger’s heart ‘warmed’ by time with toddler

Wright has, since, told “Good Morning America” that the time spent with the toddler “warmed” his heart. He further shared, “I get a kick out of young kids who are just growing and showing love,” according to Fatherly.

He additionally stated that he feels proud of the toddler’s parents for “letting her see the world as it should be.”

‘Be a Joseph in this world’

Among the comments people have shared on Armentrout’s Facebook account is a comment by Sam Gillispie, who wrote, “Now this is what FB should be about! Be a Joseph in this world!” Megan McLaughlin pointed out that Wright “sounds like the kind of human being I am honored to share the world with.” Linda Taylor, who self- identified as Wright’s sister-in-law, stated, “He’s a true blessing and your little girl is an Angel herself! She’ll have a friend forever in him.”

Armentrout endeavors to give his daughter the best he can offer in a world where, she will one day, navigate as an adult.

He shared a photo taken with Carter Jean on September 13, 2018 that depicts father and daughter hand-in-hand, standing on a pier in Oceanside, California.

The caption states, “It scares me sometimes to think that at some point she will have to let go of my hand and walk her own path.” He further noted, “We have but one chance…. to guide them, not to a destination, but on the importance of the journey. One chance to be the change we want to see in the world.”

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