Wisconsin is at forefront of modern American politics. Its sizable population and largely moderate views make it a prime target during presidential and mid-term cycles. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have had their failures and successes in wooing the state's voters.

But the Democrats may be taking another step forward in winning over the hearts of Wisconsin's voters. The party could be holding one of its most important events in the state's largest city.

Milwaukee considered the favorite to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Milwaukee is the odds-on favorite to be chosen to host the event. The other finalists being considered are Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas. Proposals working for Milwaukee include the belief that it would put on the 'best event' with the 'best stadium.' The proposed main venue would be Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee's new state-of-the-art arena. It also hosts home games for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette University's men's basketball team.

Additionally, a key figure in making the choice is Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. A former US Secretary of Labor, Perez has family connections to Wisconsin, as per Politico.

Along with elected officials in the state, others from elsewhere have been enthusiastic about the possibility. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, who owns properties in Wisconsin, has vocally thrown his support behind Milwaukee. In 2018, nine US senators from other states signed a letter expressing their opinion that Milwaukee should be chosen.

Chicago Bulls CEO Michael Reinsdorf has also pushed in Milwaukee's favor.

According to WISN, the Democratic National Committee has said Milwaukee has an 80 percent chance of being picked. The city is also the site of the 2019 national conference for the Constitution Party. Previously, the Republicans announced their choice of Charlotte, North Carolina to host their 2020 convention.

Additionally, the Libertarian Party chose Austin, Texas and the Prohibition Party elected to hold theirs via conference call. Other parties have yet to announced their final selections.

The city has a rich political history

It wouldn't be the first time the region took center stage politically. Milwaukee is roughly an hour south of Ripon, Wisconsin. In the 1850s, the Republican Party formed in Ripon on a platform of abolishing slavery. And until recently, parts of Milwaukee and other nearby areas were represented in Congress by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

During the 2016 presidential cycle, both the Republican and Democratic parties held primary debates in Milwaukee. Other parties have also held their national conventions in Milwaukee in the past. In 2004, members of the Green Party gathered in the city. The Socialist Party of America and its successor, the Socialist Party USA, have convened in Milwaukee seven times.