John Allen Chau, 27, was an American Christian missionary whose ambition was to be an explorer, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on November 21. He self-identified as an “adventurer,” as well as on social media. He died, however, as a result of Sentinelese “tribal people” taking aim and shooting him with bows and arrows. He arrived on India's Andaman and Nicobar islands by bribing fishermen in the area.

Travel to island cost explorer his life

He ventured to the area in the past an estimated four or five times, according to the BBC.

His previous journeys did not matter, though. His latest adventure cost him his life when he touched land on North Sentinel Island, where doing so is “forbidden to outsiders.”

The area is remote, the BBC and the Calgary Herald (Canada) described. The people he encountered and who reportedly killed him are “India’s most isolated hunter-and-gatherer tribes,” the Herald stated and attributed to a police official. The senior official spoke yet requested anonymity since he did not have the authorization to “speak to the press.”

Reports of American’s death are not confirmed

As with recent news about Almarosa Tenorio, 57, dying aboard a Princess Cruises luxury ship that was en route to the Caribbean, details surrounding the reported death of Chau remain sketchy at this time.

The news is still unfolding on this developing story. The U.S. Consulate released a statement that indicates Chau is “missing,” the Herald relayed.

The Consulate is located in Chennai, which is in southern India. The Consulate has affirmed receiving reports about “a U.S. citizen” that denote “concern,” as the Herald further explained.

“When a U.S. citizen is missing,” the agency stated, “we work closely with local authorities.” Keeping privacy in mind, means holding media at-bay – at least for now. His death has not been verified, according to several news organizations reporting the story.

Outsiders are forbidden to visit the island

That Chau allegedly arrived on North Sentinel Island multiple times is astonishing, regardless of whether he visited as an adventurer or as a missionary.

Travel for any purpose” to the island is off-limits, the Independent (UK) reported. The prohibition that the government set is in place not only to protect the inhabitants from intruders but as a precaution to would-be visitors following previous, alleged bow and arrow attacks.

Body of missing missionary has been discovered but not recovered

Media in India report that Chau’s body was discovered by a local fisherman, according to the Independent. Police have not recovered a body, though.

Vijay Singh, a police official, reportedly stated that seven fishermen were arrested after assisting Chau’s travel to the island, WSFA 12 News noted. The news agency has also stated that the area police claim Chau was killed and that they are working in conjunction with anthropologists to affect the recovery of his body.

Chau’s family posts moving message on Instagram

Chau had an Instagram account – @johnachau – to which his family appears to have posted a message on November 21, 2018.

The Chau family describes him as “a beloved son, brother, uncle, and best friend.”

The message also states that the report about his death is “unconfirmed.” At the same time, however (and possibly mirroring the conflicting reports about his status), the wording is in the past tense, stating, “he had nothing but love for the Sentinelese people.” The most heartbreaking passage reads, “We forgive those reportedly responsible for his death.”

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