Almarosa Tenorio, 52, traveled from Alabama to Florida for a round-trip cruise aboard a luxury ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises. The vessel was en route to the Caribbean but Tenorio never made the complete journey. She died on November 13. She was found dead seven floors below on a lifeboat, where her body landed.

Passenger did not appear to die of natural causes

Ship personnel notified authorities in Aruba and in the United States. Both countries are investigating the cause of Tenorio’s death. Aruba, however, almost immediately stated that she did not appear to die from natural causes, according to USA Today.

Authorities say husband ‘not a suspect’

Leo Tenorio was also aboard the ship. He and his wife took the trip to “work on their relationship,” according to their son, Timothy Tenorio, Fox News and additional media organizations. Leo Tenorio was reportedly questioned but authorities in Aruba said he is “not a suspect.”

Diario, a newspaper in Aruba, reported that Almarosa Tenorio struggled with a man who was “seen choking her,” Mercury News relayed.

News accounts are still sketchy since all of the details are not known at this time. As well, some of the information being reported by various news agencies appears contradictory, which is not uncommon in stories that are still unfolding.

Husband questioned, returned home to Alabama

The Mercury News reported that witnesses allegedly “saw” Tenorio as she was being choked by an unidentified man.

Her husband, Leo, was taken off the ship in Aruba, where he was questioned. But authorities claim, once again, he is not a suspect. After he was released, he went back home to Alabama.

Deceased’s brother described sister as ‘loving’

Tony Rodriguez was the deceased’s brother. The Daily Mail (UK) reported that Rodriguez identified his sister.

He characterized her as having a good heart. He said that she was “loving.” She was a mother and grandmother. He also described her as an “avid cruiser.”

Adult children say mother did not want to go on cruise

In addition to her husband, son, and brother, Tenorio is survived by her daughter Andrea Smith, 32. Her adult son and daughter spoke with “Good Morning America” on November 20. Major news agencies have all reported that her children stated that their mother made it clear that she “did notwant to go on the cruise.

Husband says wife’s death will ‘haunt him’

Her husband has stated is that his wife’s death will “haunt him,” the Daily Mail reported, as did Fox News. He did not elaborate. He further contends that the FBI “discredited” a witness telling media that Tenorio was being choked by a man before she plunged to her death, WALA (Fox 10) reported.

The news outlet contacted the FBI for a statement but the agency did not respond before publication.

Tenorio’s husband has said that he wants time for remembering his wife, along with privacy right now, according to WALA. He further expressed that he’s hopeful that people will not cast judgment with the outcome of the FBI’s still ongoing investigation. His wife’s body remains in Aruba, so it’s not probable that the FBI’s investigation will wrap up until Tenorio is returned to the U.S. The cause of death still has not been released to media.

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