Take a rapper, add a Cessna, attempt a video stunt, and what could possibly go wrong? The musician falls to his death while holding onto the airplane’s wing instead of opening a parachute. Jon James McMurray was no amateur when it came to performing stunts. He was not even a novice athlete. McMurray died, however, in Vernon, British Columbia (Canada) on October 20, People, Fox News, and numerous additional media outlets reported.

McMurray was wrapping up a music video project. He dedicated himself to completing it with a wing-walk while rapping during a segment.

Though he trained for the stunt, and did so quite intensely, for months, all the practice in the world did not stop the plane from taking a downward spiral when McMurray made his way along the wing. The pilot was not able to correct the Cessna’s spiraling effect, Time reported.

‘Stunt rapper’ held ‘onto the wing too long’

The result of the musician holding “onto the wing too long,” his management reportedly stated, was that he did not have ample time to “pull his chute,” according to Fox News. McMurray, who was known by his recording name, Jon James, is reported to have died instantly.

The pilot, as well as the Cessna, landed “safely,” Time noted. VICE pointed out that McMurray was known as a “stunt rapper.” He often included some type of stunt in his music videos.

People described the Calgary-born performance artist as an accomplished skier.

Broken back derailed musician’s ski career

Following a back injury, McMurray’s ski career was cut short. In sum, he underwent seven surgeries as a result of injuries sustained while performing previous stunts. In addition to suffering a broken back, he also fractured his neck.

McMurray’s long-time friend and professional skier, Rory Wayne Bushfield, emphasized that the musician “planned for everything,” adding, “We’re not really sure what happened,” Time reported. As a result of the video stunt claiming the rapper’s life, his death is being investigated by British Columbia Coroners Service, as well as the Transportation Safety Board, according to Fox News.

Long-time friend posts tributes on social media

Bushfield posted tributes to his late friend on social media. On Facebook, he noted that both he and McMurray “grew up” skiing and filming, in addition to “messing around with cameras,” VICE pointed out. When the rapper was a professional skier, the “Fizzle Flip” was attributed to him. The move is actually a “spinning backflip between two rails.”

Newsweek considers the late musician “a renowned action sports personality.” His YouTube page includes a video that was posted “two weeks ago,” VICE reported. The video was the last the artist will ever share. He and Bushfield are depicted base jumping in British Columbia. The rapper tells the camera that Cody Matechuk, an extreme athlete, gave him the best advice in reference to when to pull open a parachute.

Matechuk reportedly responded that he should do so before hitting the ground.

Bushfield posted to Instagram that before McMurray died, “He was living his ultimate dream, free and full.” The late rapper’s wife, Kali James, also posted on Instagram, sharing a video of her husband. She captioned her post, “He’s a legend. I will forever live in your legacy.”

Jon James McMurray is survived by his brother Jarred McMurray, his parents Jen and Doug McMurray, and, as previously cited, his wife Kali James.

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