In a tragic incident, police fatally shot Hollywood actress Vanessa Markez last week. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that the incident happened.

Vanessa Marquez is well known for her recurring role as a nurse in the NBC drama, “ER.” The Police in a statement has said that the actress suffered from a mental ailment.

Venessa, according to police suffered a mental ailment and often went into bouts of violent fits. Her landlord called police officers to 1100 Block of Fremont Avenue in South Pasadena at about 2 PM to do a welfare check.

Venessa suffered mental ailment - Police

Venessa was having another bout of fits fearing her safety; her landlord called the police officers. Police officers arrived and found Venessa in a very depressed condition and unable to take care of herself. Police tried to calm Marquez for more than one hour and also offered her medical help.

However, Vanessa was not listening to their plea. On seeing the police officers, Venessa pointed what a BB gun was.

Police mistook it to be an automatic handgun and promptly shot her. She was rushed to a hospital where she succumbed to her injuries caused by the bullets.

“We believe our officers acted appropriately under a tragic set of circumstances,” Fox News quoted the Police as saying.

Venessa was a part of a popular TV series “ER” and played Nurse Wendy Goldman on "ER" for three seasons, from 1994-97.

Though her character was not the part of the major storyline, her light-hearted banter had a bent of humor which was a welcome relief, and she was very popular among the viewers of the TV drama. Earlier she had acted in serials on TV such as 1988's "Stand and Deliver" and "Seinfeld."

Gained Notoriety for accusing George Clooney of racism

She earned notoriety when she accused George Clooney of racism and of trying to get the show blacklisted.

Clooney had vehemently denied any role in trying to get her show blacklisted.

She was fondly remembered by former co-star of “ER” Eriq La Salle who described her untimely death as doubly tragic since it could have been preventable.

Eric also sent her most profound condolences to the deceased actress’ friends and dear ones. It must be noted that Venessa had earlier accused La Salle of sexual delinquency and accused that in a Facebook post that he had grabbed her genitals.

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