Vermont wildlife officials removed the body of a drowned moose from the water. Too many people crowding for photos of the animal scared it and it retreated to the water after getting ashore. Fox News reported that the animal swam "across Lake Champlain from New York to South Hero, Vermont," on the weekend. According to officials, the animal was "spooked" by all the people and took refuge in the water.

Moose crowded by people, got scared

The Independent UK reported that when it came out the water after a long swim, it needed to rest. However, people crowded it and it had to move back.

Obviously, it was very afraid. Exhausted from a swim already, it battled in the water, Fish and Wildlife Officer Robert Currier told WCAX3. The water was quite rough with "4- to 5-foot swells and high wind," Fox News noted.

Vermont wildlife officers responded but it was too late

Although the wildlife officers did respond to the scene where the moose was struggling, they had to wait for a boat to arrive. In the interim, the animal drowned. The body was taken out the water but it was too late to do anything for the exhausted animal. Robert Currier explained that if a moose feels threatened it will usually do one of two things; either become aggressive or try and get away. It was not the ideal retreat, but if it had become aggressive, people may have been injured, or worse.

Either outcome was undesirable and in the end, the moose lost its life.

People cautioned to give wild animals space to avoid injury and death

People were reminded that "the best practice is to stay away from it, keep your distance, don’t crowd the moose." Wild animals are often unpredictable and people must be aware that they are actually wild, and not domesticated pets.

World News Daily Report mentioned an incident in Canada where a moose weighing 1,200 lbs seriously injured a man from Michigan. In the Vermont incident, the moose died near a popular cycle path. It's quite possible that the animal could have injured someone.

Similar drownings happened in the past

A similar incident happened in Southsea, UK in July, which involved a deer from the Isle of Wight.

A deer swam ashore near a beach where people were enjoying the warm weather. The animal became nervous with all of them and backed off into the water. Already exhausted, it was hoped rescue would come in time. Unfortunately, in that incident, when the rescue boat went to fetch an expert in animal rescue from the shoreline, a member of the public tried to help. They got a rope over the head of the deer but it drowned in the process. On that occasion, the BBC reported that the tragic loss of life could have been avoided.