12 KXII News reported an elderly woman visiting her sister in Deport, Lamar County, Texas underwent a horrific experience with a pack of dogs. The incident happened during her Saturday walk at around noon. Five dogs in a pack attacked and mauled the 74-year-old woman, injuring her extensively. Jackie Brooks chose to walk along County Road 16080, and that led to her life-threatening encounter.

Local dogs acting in a pack attacked defenseless Jackie

According to Laurann McBride, Jackie's daughter-in-law, the defenseless woman was spotted by a passerby.

They assisted her until paramedics arrived. However, she is badly hurt and in a hospital in Plano. Her injuries were first attended to in a Paris hospital, but later Jackie was flown to another hospital for further treatment. Laurann asked for prayers, and Lamar County sheriff noted she had "suffered severe injuries and bites on her legs, back and chest," according to 12 KXII News.

Allegedly, the dogs lived on the road where Jackie walked. They were later removed from their owner's property and taken to a shelter. For the time being, the dogs will stay in quarantine. The owners told the sheriff they didn't know the dogs were loose. In fact, they could not believe their dogs would do that to anyone.

However, they were "remorseful."

Daughter-in-law says dog attack victim loves animals

Ironically, Laurann McBride noted that Jackie loves animals, which somehow makes the attack even worse. She said that "For this to happen to her is tragic--it's unthinkable." Meanwhile, she notes the dogs are Cambodian Razorbacks, but law enforcement officers did not confirm that yet.

Dogs often bite people in the USA, but an attack by a pack is terrifying. According to Dallas News, in 2017, a pack of four dogs attacked and mauled a woman in South Dallas. She was attacked by a neighbors dogs and once again, a passerby noticed her predicament. In that case, the owner helped to call the dogs off. She too went to hospital with injuries.

Veronica Yarbough was described as serious but stable after her ordeal. The dogs were later euthanized.

When dogs turn into killers

Live Science wrote about dogs that turn bad and become killers. They noted that "Bethany Lynn Stephen, was found dead" with her own dogs nearby. Later, it was established her own dogs killed her. An animal behavior and dog-bite expert in Los Angeles, Richard Polsky, said that sometimes one dog in a pack will act in a hostile fashion and that gets the others aggressive as well.