The death of three persons at the hands of hooded gunmen in New Orleans on Saturday night is yet another example of the dangers of guns. People who carry these lethal weapons and use them to dominate others are a threat to society.

A spokesman of the City police has said that the shooting incident happened some distance from the French Quarter. It left three persons dead and another seven injured and was a case of indiscriminate firing into a crowd.

The Daily Mail UK reports that in the opinion of New Orleans police superintendent Michael Harrison, this is a case of some personal issues.

One of the suspects had a rifle and the other a handgun. Michael Harrison has added that – “whoever did this, you should know that the law enforcement takes it personally and we're coming for you.”

The crime scene

After the shooting, the gunmen fled from the scene on foot. There was panic among the people, and the police authorities have revealed that two of the victims were men and one was a woman. Bodies of two victims were found in the strip mall parking lot, while the third was located some blocks away.

The breakup of the seven who suffered injuries is five males and two females who were rushed to the hospital.

The condition of one of them is believed to be critical but none of them had any 'life-threatening' injuries. The Orleans Parish Coroner's Office will determine the official cause of death after which they will disclose further details and complete the formalities.

The police are trying to identify the suspects.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell has said that “there is no place in New Orleans for this kind of violence. I speak for everyone in our City when I say we are disgusted, we are infuriated, & we have had more than enough. Three more lives - gone. It has to end. It's unacceptable anywhere.”

Police launch a manhunt

The Huffington Post adds that the police have launched a manhunt for the suspects.

The location of the shooting is significant because the area has witnessed gang wars in the past. However, it is not known whether the shooting in the New Orleans strip mall falls in this category.

This incident of gun violence has once again highlighted the dangers of easy availability of firearms in the United States. There have been several instances in the past of indiscriminate shooting in crowded places that resulted in loss of lives. This is a matter of concern because such weapons in the wrong hands mean tragedies that could have been avoided. It is necessary that the authorities evolve a suitable system to check incidents of gun violence.