A plane carrying 103 passengers and crew was on its way from Durango to Mexico City and crashed soon after takeoff. It was an Aeroméxico flight AM2431 and there are no casualties but 97 of the passengers suffered injuries. In a similar accident in Peru, all 141 passengers also survived a plane fire during a forced landing.

State Governor José Rosas Aispuro said the Embraer 190 aircraft was hit by a gust of wind and lost control. One of its wings was made contact with the ground and two of its engines came off.

BBC reports that most of the passengers made it to safety by foot before the plane caught fire.

It had taken off from the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango and was headed for Mexico City when it crashed. The plane had 99 passengers (including two children) and four crew members onboard. The injured have been shifted to hospital. Two of them were reported to be in critical condition and one young girl had burns on her legs, Sky News wrote.

Cause of the accident is not clear

The safety record of Aeroméxico is good. The pilot of the ill-fated plane is one of two persons who suffered serious injuries, but is believed to be in a stable condition. The last deadly accident the airline had was in 1981 when one of its planes crash landed in northern Chihuahua State. The airport operator revealed that preliminary information tends to suggest that bad weather conditions could have been responsible.

The plane had apparently tried to takeoff during a heavy hailstorm and was forced to go in for an emergency landing. Incidentally, one passenger said the plane was hit by lightning.

State Governor José Rosas Aispuro feels the plane was hit by a gust of wind and lost control. He has also said that the crew had deployed the evacuation slides to ensure that everyone was evacuated before flames engulfed the plane.

The Embraer 190 aircraft belonging to Aeroméxico crashed due to reasons that are yet to be established and the people onboard flight AM2431 had a miraculous escape. According to Sky News, dozens of people have been injured in the accident. There were conflicting accounts of how the accident happened. Witnesses and officials have mentioned about a hail storm that could have played an important role.

The operator of Durango airport, has also blamed bad weather conditions. However, a team from the plane manufacturer will arrive at the site of the accident to carry out a detailed investigation to establish the cause.