North Korea has finally returned the remains of 55 US Soldiers who were killed in the 1950-53 Korean War. The matter was discussed by President Donald Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un when they met in Singapore. They discussed various issues relating to the hermit kingdom and its relations with the United States. The trouble with North Korea dates back to the 1950’s. Thousands of US soldiers lost their lives in the war and many of their remains are held by the North even now. Return of the remains was one of the points discussed by the two leaders at the summit.

BBC reports that North Korea has now returned some of the remains of US soldiers who were killed during the Korean War. American troops in South Korea formed an honor guard when the plane carrying the remains landed in the South. The remains will have to undergo forensic tests for proper identification which will be a long-drawn process.

BBC confirmed that North Korea has now returned remains of 55 US soldiers who were killed during the Korean War.

The process of return begins

The Singapore summit held last month was described as a historic event.

It was intended to ease the growing tension between North Korea and the United States. There were fears of a nuclear confrontation that had to be defused, and the summit helped to bring a new direction to the tense Korean peninsula. The two main topics discussed by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un were denuclearization and the return of remains of the war dead.

Those were the commitments made by Kim Jong-un to President Trump.

North Korea has begun the process of returning the remains of the war dead as agreed. The first batch came in small wooden caskets draped with the UN flag. It was an emotional moment once the caskets landed. American soldiers and some of their families from the base were present to salute them.

They also lined the route of their final journey. The remains will now be cataloged and sent for forensic tests.

Regarding denuclearization, the North is believed to have taken up work to dismantle its main missile-engine test site. This is a positive sign for heralding in peace in the region and shows the change in perception of Kim Jong-un.

Remains of the war dead

The Guardian adds that President Donald Trump has hailed this action of North Korea as a “great moment” and has expressed his thanks to Kim Jong-un on Twitter. The Korean War of 1950-53 had killed more than 36,000 US troops and about 7,700 of them went missing. Remains of more than 5000 are still lying in the North.