On Monday night, a bombshell story broke accusing New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of physical abuse against multiple women. As the story went viral, Donald Trump Jr. was quick to celebrate due to Schneiderman's affiliation with the Democratic Party.

Don Jr. on Twitter

In a report first broke by journalist Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker on Monday night, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was accused of physical violence against at least four women.

One of the women to go public, activist and writer Tanya Selvaratnam, claims that Schneiderman would refer to her as his "brown slave" and would slap her until she responded by calling him "master. Selvaratnam even went on to describe the year-long relationship as a "fairy tale that became a nightmare." Just hours after the news became public, Schneiderman resigned from his position resulting in various reaction from the media and the world of politics.

Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway came under fire for tweeting out the story with her own caption reading "gotcha," which was followed by multiple tweets from Donald Trump Jr.

"Seems like the natural thing to do when it’s just 'role play' Am I Right," Don Jr. tweeted out. After Eric Schneiderman announced his resignation, the younger Trump replied by tweeting, "That was fast. I figured he would hold out for a solid 6 or 7 hours."

Donald Trump Jr.

then tweeted a 4-year old tweet from his father mocking Eric Schneiderman for appearing to wear make-up. "It's like he can see into the future," he said of his father's tweet. "Hey Eric, it's not 'role play' if only one of you is in on it," Don Jr. added in yet another tweet.

Twitter reacts

After Donald Trump Jr.

sent out his various tweets about the Eric Schneiderman scandal, he quickly faced an onslaught of criticism. "Your wife and 5 kids left you bc you had numerous affairs. It’s not marriage if she’s the only one married," one tweet read.

"When even your wife wants nothing to do with you, you aren't the best mouthpiece for women," a Twitter user wrote.

"Hey Junior, it's not a marriage if only one of you is in on it," another tweet added. "You keep setting us up to the spike the ball, Demon Seed. Your father rap*d your mother. 15 additional women have accused him. That's 4x's as many. Schneiderman should pay. So should Pappy Cumquat Twitler," an additional tweet noted.

"Keep that in mind when your dad grabs women married women by the p*ssy and walks into a Teen Miss America dressing room," a social media user wrote. "Should YOU of all people be trouncing on someone with indiscretions in their past?,' a follow-up tweet read.