After a year and a half as first lady, Melania Trump appears ready to make some big moves in the White House. In a tweet sent out on Sunday, the first lady announced that she would soon be rolling out her future plans.

Melania on future plans

When Donald Trump announced that he was running for president back June 2015, many wondered what role Melania Trump would play during the campaign. After her speech at the Republican National Committee was exposed as being plagiarized from Michelle Obama, Melania was mostly kept out of the spotlight for the rest of the campaign.

Following Trump's upset election win over Hillary Clinton, Melania was put into the role of first lady where she announced that she would tackle the issue of cyberbullying. Melania's choice of an initiative was met with mockery due to her husband's reckless and controversial behavior on social media.

In a tweet sent out on May 6, Melania Trump teased a big announcement about her next step as first lady at the White House on Monday. "Tomorrow is the day!" Melania tweeted out. "Very excited to announce my initiatives," she added, before noting, "Tune in live at the White House at 3 PM!" As reported by The Hill on Monday, Melania's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said of the first lady's upcoming announcement, "the unique aspect to this roll-out is that she’s not choosing just one topic as has been done in the past." Grisham then explained that Melania will put a special focus on the "well-being of children," but didn't release any further details.

Twitter reacts

After Melania Trump's tweet about her announcement, critics took time to chime in with thoughts of their own. "Are you finally leaving Donald Trump? Big day! Otherwise, we will all pass," one tweet read.

"Still trying that anti-bullying thing?

Maybe instead, try a Women's Empowerment to leave cheating and abusive husbands kind of thing," a Twitter user wrote. "Divorce? Giving evidence in court?" another tweet wondered. "Serving divorce papers?" an additional tweet asked. "If you're interested in combating cyber bulling, take your husband phone away," a message read.

"With all that surrounds your husband et al it seems pretty meaningless," a social media user wrote. "When are you announcing the divorce? Only then will I give you a sliver of respect," a follow-up tweet noted. The mockery on Twitter continued as Melania Trump gets set to give details about her future plans as first lady at the White House on Monday.