Donald Trump is keeping tabs on the pulse of the nation and he does this by tweeting his thoughts, some filtered and some not, out to the masses throughout the day. Once in a while, Trump stumbles upon something that raises a few eyebrows and drops a few jaws.

Trump's tweets take on a life of their own

Some of Trump's tweets may even leave you scratching your head, but most would agree they are not boring. The president has the uncanny ability to get his point across while keeping the masses entertained while doing so. Trump's Twitter page is like having a direct news feed to the president and what you see is what you get, the real news, lacking embellishment or sugar coating.

Tweet on lovers' emails?

In less than an hour's time today Trump tweeted about the record number of lovers' tweets by Lisa Page, 12 angry Democrats, and the mess that John Kerry made. Within that same time frame, he managed to suggest that the Democrats are embarking on "Phoney Witch Hunt" with the hopes of disrupting the mid-term elections. Again, he did this all in separate tweets.

It's the news

According to Politico today, one of Trump's Monday morning tweets seems to "warn investigators" who are with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office. He suggests that they “just wait ‘till the Courts get to see your unrevealed Conflicts of Interest!” Trump did this while also praising the court system as it “actually protects people from injustice." Yes, once again this was all done on Monday morning on Twitter.

Trump also promoted a book, "The Great Revolt,” by Salena Zito, and he also congratulated Ric Grenell, who is our new Ambassador to Germany on his post. Again, this was all within an hour on Monday morning.

In Trump's tweet about the possible record holder of emails to a lover, he is talking about Lisa Page. It sounds as if he is in disbelief over what he's learned.

His sarcasm in his tweets often offers the best window into his real thoughts, much like the one below:

His tweets are all over the place, much like the job he is tasked with doing.

It is not as if he has time to tackle one thing at a time, and this is also seen in his daily tweets, which often give a little insight into the direction he expects his day to travel.

Donald Trump in Twitter history?

Twitter hasn't been around a long time, so it is a fairly new concept in the scope of this country's history. It is a venue used by former President Barack Obama, but not to the extent that President Donald Trump has used it. For sure, Trump is bound to go down in history as the first president to utilize the social media platform as his own news feed.

Trump has been chastised for his over-use of his Twitter page by some. With that said, it is a destination for most media outlets and countless Americans who want to know what is going on straight from the president himself.

Twitter learning curve

Trump went through a learning curve with his posts on Twitter. People were quick to pounce on the smallest of mistakes and they continue to do so today if there happens to be a word misspelled. If he forgets to dot an "i" or if he forgets to cross that "t," it actually makes headline news.

The critics love Trump's Twitter page because they have a place to go and pull apart all his tweets. The folks who support the president feel Trump's tweets give them the news the way it is. They hear what is really going on without embellishments, twists, or empty plots.