During a roundtable discussion on immigration reform earlier this week, Donald Trump spoke about undocumented immigrants and was accused of labeling them "animals." After his son Donald Jr. came to his defense, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back.

Don Jr. on immigration

When Donald Trump first kicked off his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015, he quickly came under fire after referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." In the months and years that followed, Trump would go on to make immigration reform one of his top priorities, claiming he would force Mexico to cover the costs of the construction of a border wall, while not ruling out the idea of mass deportation.

While no major legislation has been passed during his presidency, Trump's rhetoric has stayed the same. While speaking at a roundtable discussion at the White House on Wednesday, Trump used the word "animals" when describing illegal immigrants, though the president has since walked back his remarks to clarify that he was talking about the MS-13 street gang.

As the story of Donald Trump's "animals" comment went viral after being reported by nearly all the major news outlets, Donald Trump Jr.

decided to come to his father's defense during his own Twitter tirade on May 17. "Weird what happenes when you take out the first sentence specifically talking about MS-13 gang members," Donald Jr. tweeted out, while misspelling the word "happens." "Not surprising that you would conveniently ignore that but I would think your readers deserve the truth not your chosen narrative," he wrote, before asking, "How does this even pass for 'journalism,?'" As expected, those who oppose the Trump family made sure to chime in.

Twitter reacts

Following Donald Trump Jr. speaking out in defense of his father, social media reacted as expected. "What the hell do you and your family know about truth," one tweet read.

"Stop already, Fredo.

Ivanka is always going to be the favorite," a Twitter user wrote. "So we just need context. And then it’s fine—that you and your dad get to define which humans really are not humans?" another tweet stated. "How is meeting with a Russian operative then continuously LYING about it okay?" an additional tweet noted.

"Weird that you 'Forgot' a lot of things from your meeting in Trump Tower with Russians.

Better get that early onset dementia checked out, Junior," a social media user wrote. "If he could just improve his articulation skills, it would be a lot easier for people to find context in his words. His vocab is abominable," a follow-up tweet read.