Riot games, the developer of the popular eSports game "League of Legends", is looking to do another musical collaboration. This time MTV will be partnering up with Riot Games to host an eSports and music festival, called "Hyperplay." According to Marketing Interactive, this eSports and music festival will be held in Southeast Asia and will take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The festival will be presented by the Singapore Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and the National Youth Council of Singapore. The festival will be held over two days in Singapore and is going to be streamed live, while several key parts of the festival will be broadcasted on television over Southeast Asia.

The entire event is expected to premiere as a 60 minute special on MTV in Southeast Asia on August 21.

This event will be Southeast Asia's first "League of Legends" tournament with national teams from ten ASEAN countries competing to become the ASEAN champion. According to The eSports Observer, the tournament will be sharing the stage with MTV and will have musical performances by international, regional, and local artists. This festival is aimed to expand the audience for both companies and attract new fans.

Riot Games' previous collaboration

This is not the first time the company has done a musical collaboration. For the 2014 "League of Legends" World Championship, Riot Games worked with American rock band, Imagine Dragons, to produce the song, "Warriors." Riot Games even made a remix of Imagine Dragons' song, "I Bet My Life," a year after.

They even created their own virtual band called Pentakill, which is composed of the company's in-house musicians, songwriters, and producers working with various metal musicians.

The direction of esports

This is a great move by both Riot Games and MTV. Plenty of gamers are into music and certain musical artists are also gamers.

By putting these two together and making such a big event out of it is really good for the eSports community. eSports has already seen the light in the Olympic community and looks to be an event that will award players with honored medals. If eSports was able to make it to the Olympics, there should be no reason why a music festival cannot be incorporated within a "League of Legends" tournament.

If the Hyperplay event is a huge hit in Southeast Asia, there could be other music festivals involving esports or even musical collaborations with other huge tournaments, just like the 2017 "League of Legends" World Championship,