Russia’s defence ministry spokesman has claimed the Chemical Attack was staged by the British government. In the wake of last Saturday’s horrific chemical attack upon Syrian civilians, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was staged to create a “Russophobic campaign.” Lavrov continued to state that it was led by only one country, but he refused to give the name.

General Igor Konashenkov, another spokesman for Russia’s defence ministry, claims Russian intelligence has strong evidence which proves Great Britain had knowledge of and direct involvement in the attack.

By releasing Sarin gas onto the Syrian people, it gives countries cause to attack Syria. Russia deployed its military forces in Syria, showing their allegiance to the Assad regime. Russia warned that any Western airstrikes against Syria would ignite a war.

The UK has called the Russian propaganda a “grotesque, blatant lie," stating that the UK had nothing to do with Saturday's chemical attack.

The United Nations called an emergency meeting with world leaders to discuss how to handle the crisis in Syria. The United States -- along with the UK and France -- have already formed an alliance and are considering military action in Syria. United States ambassador Nikki Haley said to the BBC that the United States has “enough proof” that Syria was behind the chemical attack.

United States involvement in Syria, Mattis warns Trump of lethal risks

President Donald Trump has already threatened via Twitter that the United States will launch a missile into the heart of Damascus.

Defense Secretary James Mattis strongly urged the president during a meeting on Thursday to rethink his attack on Syria. Escalating United States involvement could possibly have a devastating impact that could alter the world.

Trump, ignoring Mattis’ warning, pushed US military leaders to develop a plan to attack the Syrian Government. Mattis and other government officials from the national security team warned Trump that such action would create conflict with Iran and Russia.

On Thursday, Trump held a meeting with his national security team, but White House officials say no final decisions have been made.

The world waits as government leaders decide our fate

As of right now, the world waits anxiously as government leaders decide how to handle the Syrian crisis. With the support of the UK and France, the United States could strike Syria at any moment.