While "League of Legends" founders are developing a new game, the championship games are going strong in China. Rumors persist that a new champion character is also being added for new gameplay in this E-sport. Currently, the new champion is being teased, and it will give fans an opportunity to have another champion in their champion pool. For those who don't know what an E-sports is, it is one of the fastest growing competitions, where professional video game players compete in multiplayer games in front of spectators.

New champion to be added

Comic Book reported that the description for the new champion was provided in the October Champion Roadmap.

The abilities of this new champion are all but confirmed at this point. Rumor says that the name of the new champion comes from a Rune quote. A new Celestial Body rune is currently being tested on the PBE. The quote at the end is attributed to a previously unknown character who players speculate is the new champion. Daphna the Dreamer is quoted as saying "The greatest legends live on in the stars." A sequence of matches on the public beta environment show a debuff, which puts enemies to sleep.

Dote Sports reported that Riot's champion design team began teasing the new character last week. Players have noticed a few interesting things about the potential character that were revealed on the PBE.

One of the teasers was the Celestial Rune. Although this doesn't normally indicate a new character, another clue provided was items owned by a character named Doran, a character not previously seen in another game. When players enter Summoner's Rift on the PBE, they'll find a new status effect called "Sleeping." Bubbles and butterflies are seen floating around the champion for a few minutes.

This would add a new effect to the game not previously seen. Offering the Sleeping Mechanism would fit with the character, since she's a dreamer.

2017 Championships take place in China

Fortune reported that the top competitive gamers are facing off in China for the world championship. The championship will last for several weeks, and it is quickly becoming one of the top championships in the fast-growing world of E-sports.

Riot Games, the makers of "League of Legends," is hosting the event. Although last year's champion is still standing, there have been quite a few upsets already. Korean professional E-sports team SK Telecom T1, sponsored by electronics giant Samsung, is a particular favorite in the event as is North American team Cloud 9. As previously reported by Blasting News, runes reforged brought awesome changes to "League of Legends."