The two biggest names in the battle royale genre now are "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." Although "PubG" was the first battle royale genre game to be released, "Fortnite" easily dominated the scene after its release in September 2017. It only took a few months after the release of "Fortnite" before it became the most viewed game on YouTube. The argument of which battle royale game is better has been going on for a while now, and has even generated videos comparing the two. Now, there is a legal battle between the two games. According to PCGaming, "PubG" has filed a lawsuit against "Fortnite" for a copyright violation.

'PubG' suing 'Fortnite' over copyright violation

The lawsuit was filed way back in Janaury by the Korean-based "PubG" corporation, where they issued an injunction against Epic Games for copyright infringement. The case has been brought to the attention of the Seoul Central District Court where it will be decided if "Fortnite" did indeed copy "PubG."

Althought the creator of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," Brendan Greene, does not credit himself for creating the battle royale genre, he did state his concern that there would be potential clones for the game he created. Back in September, Chang Han Kim, the vice president of "PubG," stated that the company was worried that "Fortnite" may be copying their game.

Chang Han Kim also mentioned that the two companies had an ongoing relationship with each other. He stated that "Fortnite" was the creator of UE4, which is the engine that "PubG" licensed for the game and "PubG" pays Epic Games to use the engine.

More on the subject

One representative from Bluehole expressed that "PubG" was not blaming Epic Games for creating a battle royale game, but that they are disappointed that even though "PubG" pays "Fortnite" to use their engine, their name has been used to help promote "Fortnite." The representative mentioned that the relationship between the two companies was strong and each company would provide the other with support and had plans to work together in the future to develop new concepts.

Epic Games is also currently in process of bringing the game over to Korea. They signed a deal with the online game publisher, Neowiz Games, back in January and should be expected to bring "Fortnite" to Korean gaming cafes and PC rooms in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Does "PubG" have a case against Epic Games?