We are more than halfway through the season for "Fortnite" and are now entering Week six. Time has flown by ever since the release of the new season and Epic Games has already incorporated plenty of new items and concepts into the game. Today marks the start of the Week six challenges after Epic Games decided to push them to Thursdays instead of the usual Tuesdays. Players who have purchased the Battle Pass can now start completing the challenges for this week. Similar to finding rubber ducks and film cameras, this week requires players to find posters across the map and spray over them.

Forbes, along with VG247, has kindly released a list of where to find these posters throughout the map.

Carbide and Omega poster locations

  • On top of the mountain near Snobby Shores, inside the house on the first floor
  • In the tunnel by Tomato Town, in between the two doors
  • Inside the office of the destroyed motel to the west of Anarchy Acres
  • In the house in the middle of Loot Lake
  • To the southeast of Tilted Towers underneath a staircase
  • Inside one of the cells on the east side of the prison
  • At the bottom of a stairwell on the bridge south of Shifty Shafts
  • In the middle building at Junk Junction
  • Inside the haunted house southwest of Pleasant Park
  • By the containers north of Retail Row

There are 10 locations listed here, but the challenge only requires players to find seven of them and spray over them.

Of course, there should be plenty of other posters scattered throughout the map, so players just need to be wary of walls they pass by in case there is a poster plastered on it. Players who end up finding all seven posters and spraying them will earn five battle stars.

How to easily complete this challenge in 'Fortnite'

Given the locations of the posters, not everyone will be fighting to spray a certain poster.

That being said, it should be easy for players to find a poster without having to engage in combat. Your best best would be to go into a solo game and land late before heading out to find the posters. There should be plenty of time before the storm closes in for players to search for at least two to three posters. Once you find a poster, all you need to do is go to your emotes wheel and spray any spray right on top of it.

Sadly, spraying over a poster will not make a challenge notification pop up in-game, so be sure to check your progress in the challenges tab after each game.

Get out there and have some fun vandalizing the map!