On Friday night, Donald Trump announced that the United States and joined together with the United Kingdom and France to launch strikes against Syria due to the reported use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad. While the results of the decision have been mixed and controversial, Melania Trump decided to send a message to the military in the aftermath.

Melania on Syria

In recent years, the civil war in Syria has become one of the biggest international conflicts and stories, linking together not just the government and its people, but also several foreign nations that have been forced to take sides.

With rebels on the ground fighting back against the reported abuse of Assad, several Islamic terrorist groups, like the Islamic State (ISIS), have also staked a claim at various parts the country. In support of Syria has been Iran and Russia, with the Kremlin going as far as using airstrikes to aide Assad's forces. In opposition have been several superpowers, including the United States, who took part in an attack last Friday over Assad's chemical weapons use.

The reaction was as expected, with Russia speaking out in defense of Syria, while Donald Trump and his team defending their actions despite facing criticism from many, even in the Repubican Party.

In a pair of tweets sent out on April 14, First Lady Melania Trump decided to praise the military for their actions. "Thank you to the strong & courageous members of our U.S. military all over the world! Your continued contributions & commitment to the safety of our great nation will never go unnoticed or unappreciated," Melania tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet, Melania added, "And to all military families, especially the children, thank you for your sacrifice."

Twitter reacts

After Melania Trump tweeted out her support for the military just days after the strike in Syria, those who oppose the administration wasted no time hitting back. "This actually wasn't about our safety, it was about Syria.

and tbh we didn't really do anything," one tweet read.

"Did Michael Cohen also pay you hush money to not express the outrage that your husband is a CHEATER!?

Run girl. Run," comedian Kristina Wong replied. "FLOTUS please make ur POTUS realizes that war is not a sport played for leisure & entertainment. Precious human lives r lost in the process for no fault of the dead," a Twitter user wrote.

"Are you headed to Mar-a-Largo for more R&R on tax payers dime?" a social media user wondered with sarcasm.

"But why did your husband dodge the draft 5 times! Patriots serve the country and don't make up "bone spurs", then go play sports! (By the way, Trumptard CONServatives, if you have to reply using Obama or Clinton, YOU LOST THE ARGUMENT!)" a follow-up tweet noted.