It was just last Friday night when Donald Trump announced that the United States would join with France and the United Kingdom to launch military strikes against Syria. While many conservatives spoke out against the president, Rev. Franklin Graham appears to be sticking with him.

Graham on Trump

After the news broke that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad once again used chemical weapons against his own people, resulting in dozens of deaths, it was only a matter of time before military action from outside forces were going to finally intervene.

On Friday night, the United States, United Kingdom, and France came together and launched missiles into Syria, targeting Assad's chemical weapons, resulting in instant backlash from Russia, who quickly put the three countries on notice. While Democratic opposition was expected, many Republicans even spoke out with anger.

While Donald Trump is dealing with pushback from some conservatives, others are standing by his side. The issue was highlighted during the April 15 edition of "Fox & Friends" during an interview with right-wing Rev. Franklin Graham. When asked his thoughts on the recent attack on Syria, Graham was quick to praise the president. "I appreciate that we have a president who understands prayer and solicities prayer," Graham said of Trump, before adding, "We should be praying for him, and he asks us to pray for our soldiers."

Not stopping there, Franklin Graham then went on to explain that the Bible wants the country to pray for Donald Trump.

"The Bible tells us to pray for authority," he said, before noting that while the president isn't perfect, the country should "just appreciate that we have a man in office that understands the power of prayer and the need for prayer."

Twitter responds

In response to Franklin Graham linking Donald Trump to the Bible, critics weren't impressed.

"Donald Trump cheated on his first wife Ivana Trump with Marla Maples. Thoughts and prayers," Morten Overbye tweeted out.

"Persons like Franklin Graham are major reasons why people turn away from organized religion.

When faith leaders lie and commit deception, there's no point in taking them or the 'faith' they brag about seriously," a Twitter user wrote. "Trump is not religious, he does not pray and only attends service when forced too. The only thing Trump understands about religion is its usefulness in manipulating people," a tweet added.

"I bet he can't even recite the Lord's prayer from memory. Hint, you won't find it in Two Corinthians," a social media user wrote. "You’re such a fraud. You and Orange Caligula should use prey instead of pray. Let us prey..." a follow-up tweet read.