Donald Trump's pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs is facing various allegations that could result in the president pulling back his nomination. With Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson facing the heat, Kellyanne Conway is doing her best to defend him.

Conway on Jackson

After former Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin was outed for misusing taxpayer money, he was dismissed from his position by Donald Trump.

With the job now vacant, the president nominated Ronny Jackson in his place. Jackson recently made headlines after giving Trump a full physical exam and holding a press conference where the results were debated, including the president being listed at just one pound shy of being considered obese. Since then, additional reports have linked Jackson to "abusive" behavior of his colleagues, where he's been accused of abusing alcohol and medications, and even drunk driving. As the allegations hang over his head, speculation has increased as to whether or not Jackson will continue with the nomination process.

As the White House continues to deal with the Ronny Jackson issue, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN for an interview on April 25.

"These are allegations, in my view, Dr. Jackson should have his say whether it's through a statement, whether it's through a press reveal, or through confirmation hearings where he is swearing under oath," Conway said.

"This whole matter of crucifying somebody publicly with allegations, with anonymous allegations, is very dangerous," Kellyanne Conway went on to say.

"Dr. Jackson should have his say," she added. "This is someone who has been through FBI investigations and other independent investigations and he's passed though. We know President Obama has written glowingly about Dr. Jackson," Conway went on to add.

Twitter reacts

Following Kellyanne Conway's defense of Ronny Jackson, critics of the administration hit back on Twitter.

"Gotta stop putting Kellyanne Conway on CNN. We are losing respect for you," one tweet read.

"I can't listen to or watch Conway for more than 17 seconds without getting a psychosomatic reaction," a Twitter user wrote. "Please. I am begging. No more Kellyanne on CNN," another tweet stated.

"Please don’t have this crazy woman on your show, she was horrible to Dana. She is the number one leaker no one else," yet another tweet stated.

"No one gives a cr*p about what that chick has to one!" a social media user wrote.

"Why, why, why do you continue to have a known manipulating liar @KellyAnnPolls on CNN. This is why I no longer watch. Switched to MSNBC, where guest integrity matters," a follow-up tweet went on to read.