On Wednesday afternoon, rapper Kanye West went on a lengthy Twitter rant explaining why he supports Donald Trump. After a confusing partial retraction, West received a shout out from the president, which resulted in a Fox News host having to fight back laughter in his reporting.

Fox News on Trump and Kanye

Kanye West raised eyebrows on Wednesday when he went on a multi-tweet tirade where he expressed support for Donald Trump. In one of his first tweets on the issue, West referred to the former host of "The Apprentice" as his "brother" while claiming they are "both dragon energy." The controversial rapper then went on to warn that "the mob can't make me not love him," before adding in a follow-up tweet that he's "all the way out the sunken place.

And I'm not scared anymore." Not long after, West tweeted out that he doesn't support everything Trump stands for, which he apparently posted on orders of his wife Kim Kardashian. After later tweeting a photo of himself wearing a Trump-signed "Make American Great Again" hat, the president tweeted back by telling the rapper "thank you" and this his remarks were "very cool."

As the tweets went viral on social media, Fox News host Shepard Smith, who is one of the rare hosts on the network to criticize the president, couldn't help but laugh when reporting the story. "Well, there’s a thing going on.

It’s Kanye West, who didn’t tweet for a long time but now he’s back," Smith said while fighting back the opportunity to chuckle. "There’s an album and he’s running for president in 2024," be added, while noting, "he (West) really likes President Trump."

"Kanye West tweeted a lot of things but one of them is, 'you don’t have to agree with Trump but the mob can’t not make me not love him,'" Shepard Smith pointed out.

After explaining that Kim Kardashian requested Kanye West clarify that he doesn't fully support Donald Trump, Smith added, "My guess is Kris Jenner gave a call." Following Trump's tweet, the Fox News host stated, "Now POTUS has tweeted. We'll see what happens."

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While Kanye West has shown at least some support for Donald Trump and his administration, his tweets quickly made headlines and went viral across social media.

Due to West's questionable behavior in recent years, many on Twitter linked his mental instability to his vocal support of the president, with even some fans of the rapper backing off and issuing criticism. With West and Trump both facing mockery, at least one host on Fox News appears to right in line with the mob who opposes them.