Donald Trump is again under tension because migrants have arrived at the border in Tijuana seeking asylum. They had left their homes in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras nearly a month back and have traveled in groups through Mexico. They consist of men, women, and children who began their journey from Mexico's southern border with Guatemala and all they want is asylum in the United States. It appears to be a humanitarian need in view of the unrest in their countries coupled with threats to their wellbeing.

Daily Mail UK reports that US President Donald Trump has his reservations about migrants in general and has ordered his officials to repel them.

The migrant crisis

According to a coordinator from one of the immigrant rights group that arranges transportation on a regular basis, some of the caravans have arrived while more are on their way. Once they regroup, the line of action will be decided and requests for asylum in the United States will be made for all the migrants. It seems others are waiting in Mexico as their year-long visas are being processed by immigration authorities.

These people were traveling in groups for safety but their numbers have reduced. They began with nearly 1,500 people, but many have left because of delays in transportation coupled with comments of Trump via Twitter on the caravan brigades. That forced the Mexican authorities to start issuing temporary visas to provide them legal status for travel to the border.

US takes a firm stand

Donald Trump is firm on his stand that illegal migrants from Mexico are not welcome in the United States. He has instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that they are denied entry into America. The majority of the migrants are trying to escape from instances of violence and extortion in Honduras and El Salvador and they include women and children who need protection.

The US-Mexico border wall is meant to check entry of illegal migrants into the country. Trump, during his election campaign, had promised to get a new wall built which will act as a deterrent to unauthorized persons. He wanted to make America safe and his targets were drug smugglers and illegal migrants. The former were dangers to society and the latter could become security risks.

CNN adds that President Trump had ordered National Guard troops to be deployed at the border to check entry of these people. However, they have finally arrived and they look at it as a humanitarian mission. In their opinion, they are unarmed and do not pose any threat. All they want is a safe refuge.