By now, we are all familiar with Kanye West's nonstop tweets [VIDEO]. However, we were not so familiar with the way he feels towards President Donald Trump until now. From wearing the notorious "Make America Great Again" red hat to posting about what he would do when he becomes the next president, it is clear that Kanye has got something planned.

One of Kanye's most retweeted Tweets is the one where he simply wrote "2024," assuming that President Trump will serve both terms, followed by Kanye himself. Evidently, he is working towards his goal of becoming the next president of the United States, which he mentioned on the 2016 VMAs.

After posting on Twitter all day and catching everybody's attention, he reached a climax moment when he said that President Donald Trump is "his brother."

Kanye West's tweet about 'brother' Donald Trump

After his tweets about why he has cut ties with his manager and saying that he "can't be managed", he went on to rant about his notorious brand Yeezy and later, about Trump. He claims to not always agree with what Donald Trump says or does but referring to him as "brother" caused some serious controversy.

After creating such a controversy among his followers and the media and being accused of being BFFs [VIDEO] with the president, he went on to explain that he is a free-thinker who is not a Republican nor a Democrat.

Additionally, he re-tweeted Donald Trump's response to his initial tweet.

"Thank you Kanye, very cool!" was President Trump's response regarding Kanye's initial tweet.

Does Kanye West support Donald Trump?

Due to his tweet about Trump, Kanye has been accused by his followers of being a Trump supporter, to which he responded by tweeting,

Kanye also went on to say, he was clarifying the rumors of him agreeing with and supporting president Trump's actions and decisions.

Apparently, his wife, Kim Kardashian West, called him to tell him that he needed to make things clear to the public and shut down any allegations created by the public. Kim was trying to calm the situation down as well as her husband. However, if she had not called him, he would not have made things clear with the public.

He then went on to tweet that he wanted to meet with Tim Cook to discuss "some ideas.


Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple. Could Kanye West be planning to launch something with Apple? If so, what could it be?

What is Kanye West Planning?

Kanye West announced on that he is writing a philosophy book on Twitter. Aside from trying to run for president, he seems to also want to start a career as a philosopher by posting highly inspirational quotes on his social media site, quotes that are being retweeted and liked all over the world. However, he did mention that he does not want to monetize his real-time philosophy book nor involve a publisher. His only interest is to express himself without having any limitations on how little or how much to write.

Twitter has become a controversial social media platform due to the numerous tweets by celebrities as well as President Donald Trump. Kanye West is clearly not falling behind in speaking his mind without limitations.