President Trump ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian intelligence officers from the United States, in concert with NATO allies and our other world partners. This is in response to Russia’s alleged use of a military-grade nerve agent in an attempt to murder a Soviet double agent who had become a British citizen, and his daughter, in the United Kingdom's Salisbury mall. It that also caused serious issues for three other people. the BBC reported.

There will be 48 members of the Russian Embassy expelled along with 12 at the United Nations. All will be given seven days to leave the United States.

The White House stressed that if the Russian government wishes to improve relations with the United States, it needs to first, admit responsibility for the attack and cease its efforts to damage peace and stabilization across the globe.

Expulsions and closings

White House officials stated yesterday that the 12 Russian intelligence officers at the United Nations in New York were being expelled for using their diplomatic credentials to abuse their privilege of residence status, violating the U.N. Headquarters Agreement. It has been duly noted and processed through the rules under the U.N. Headquarters Agreement, that they have used their position to engage in intelligence activities that have been damaging to our national security.

The Seattle Russian consulate was closed due to its close location to our submarine base and the aerospace firm Boeing. The White House felt that the expulsion of these Russian intelligence officers would send a louder signal to Russia. It'll also help to cease known aggressive intelligence activities and cut the unacceptable high number of Russian operatives in the United States.

Others quickly follow

Russia's government has long shown an unacceptable contempt for sovereignty and security of countries across the globe. President Trump has strongly expressed the White House's desire to stand with their allies against Russia's contempt by degrading their capability of Spying and launching cyberattacks against vital infrastructures within the United States.

Within the last two days, 27 nations have answered the call and expelled more than 140 Russian diplomats. The latest countries taking this action are Moldova which expelled three, Ireland with one, Australia two and Belgium one. After Ukraine's expulsion of 13 Russian diplomats, France, Germany, Poland and Canada expelled four each from their countries.

Iceland announced suspension of high-level talks with Russian authorities and stated that their leaders would not attend June's World Cup in Russia.

NATO Chief, Stoltenberg, speaking in Brussels, said NATO will reduce the Russian mission by 10, and deny accreditation for three Russian staff members. He praised the UK's allies for their extraordinary response.