This year marks NASA’s 60th anniversary. Last year, President Trump relaunched the National Space Council and sent out a directive that American astronauts will return to the moon; as well as being the first to set foot on Mars. In order to meet these goals, last month's budget included the allocation of $19.9 billion to NASA. President Trump has opened the door to reform many of the outdated regulations and burdensome structures. He has laid a path for NASA to establish, with the help of international and commercial partners, more private and capital investments.

To lead this mission President Trump nominated Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine in September 2017.

Confirmed at last

After a long seven-month confirmation battle in the U.S. Senate, Congressman Bridenstine was finally confirmed on April 19, with a vote of 50 – 49. All 50 Republicans voted yes, and 47 Democrats and two independents voted no. Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence had the honor of swearing in Jim Bridenstine at NASA headquarters in Washington D.C., in front of the NASA team via NASA TV. Those present at the swearing-in included Bridenstine family, Senator Cruz, now ex-Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot, Chief Financial Officer of NASA, Jeff DeWit and other guests.

NASA twitter read, “At 2:30 pm ET: Our new administrator Jim Bridenstine will be sworn in.

He will oversee our ongoing mission of exploration and discovery as our 13th administrator.”

New man has history

Representative Jim Bridenstine has held his seat in Congress since 2012, he sat on the Committee on Armed Services, in which he sat on the Subcommittees on Seapower and Projection Forces and Strategic Forces. He also sat on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology where he was on the Subcommittees on Space and Chairman on the Environment Subcommittee.

He is a former Navy pilot, serving nine years on active duty where he did combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander while flying missions to combat drug trafficking in Central and South America.

The newly sworn in Bridenstine stated he was prepared to take on the task and meet the challenges to secure the United States leads in space, thanks to the wonderful people who supported him throughout the process.

He would serve to the best of his abilities, as NASA continues to discover, pioneer and inspire. Bridenstine also noted that appropriations bill will help efforts of human spaceflight activities. He also wants to help in forwarding breakthroughs in advanced science and aeronautic pursuits.