On Monday morning, the United States announced that they were expelling 60 Russian diplomats in response to the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom. Despite this, critics of the president were not impressed with Donald Trump's reaction, leading to Kellyanne Conway to hit back in defense.

Conway on Fox

It was earlier this month when Russia was accused of using a nerve agent to kill a Russian spy who had been living in the United Kingdom.

Despite the denial of the Kremlin, the international community came down hard on Vladimir Putin and his government, including the United States. The Donald Trump administration expelled 60 Russian diplomats that were believed to be intelligent agents, while also closing the Russian consulate in Seattle, Washington. In response, many in the media pushed back at Trump's punishment, saying it wasn't strong enough and just more lip service to Putin's regime.

As seen during a March 26 interview on the Fox Business Channel with host Lou Dobbs, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway did her best to defend Donald Trump over his response to Russia.

"The 60 Russian diplomats that were expelled is over two and a half times the number of the next leading country, 23 and the U.K.," Conway said.

"This ridiculous narrative that the president is never tough on Russia. $700B investment in the spending (bill) last week. You think that helps Russia? The US military getting stronger," Kellyanne Conway went on to say.

"The fact we now export energy in this country. How does that help Russia?" she wondered. "Battleships turn very slowly, but they can sometimes sink very quickly and people better realize who the captain is in this town," Conway said of the president, before adding, "(Trump) came here to disrupt, to change the way of doing business."

Instant backlash

Not long after Kellyanne Conway's interview on the Fox Business Channel, critics of the administration made sure to respond.

"Kelly that was such bullsh*t. Oh my god they got you out there trying to push that and Lou wow on top of that lol too bad it was just all fake news the fox spin," one tweet read.

"Remember when Kellyanne went on show after show when she worked for Cruz and went off on how awful Trump is. And when she mourned for the Bowling Green Massacre. Exactly. No credibility from this methy swamp barbie," a Twitter user wrote.

"You can spin anything your way you’re just wasting your breath everybody knows you and Lou ,fox. It’s not going to help you! Get your pardon signed already," another tweet stated.

"Crazy the weird irregular moments she rears her ugly medusa face and speaks," a social media user wrote, before adding in a follow-up tweet, "Could 1 of you internet Photoshop ppl turn KellyAnne into Medusa? It'd look so natural." The negative reaction continued as the backlash to the Trump administration showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon.