Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Mumbai, India on Monday and didn't hold back her thoughts about Donald Trump and his campaign for president. After going all out against Trump and his supporters, the president's son decided to hit back on social media.

Hillary on Trump

The 2016 presidential election has gone down as one of the most controversial in recent memory. While all signs pointed to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton walking out the winner, Donald Trump pulled off the upset to become the new commander in chief, though questions still remain unanswered as to what potential link the new president had to reported election interference by Russia.

In addition, Trump and his supporters have been hit with a label of being prejudice, with various forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other slurs attached to them.

During a speech in India on Monday, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump and his supporters of embracing a racist and sexist message. "You didn't like black people getting rights, you don't like women, you know, getting jobs. You don't want to you know see that Indian American succeeding," Clinton said of Trump's message to his supporters, referring to it as "backwards." Not stopping there, Clinton said the United States "did not deserve" Trump as the new president, while explaining that she won the states that produced the highest Gross Domestic Product and that were the most diverse.

Don Jr. on Hillary

After the Hillary Clinton's comments were reported, Donald Trump Jr. was not pleased and tweeted out an attack on the former Secretary of State.

"Just when you think she can’t get worse... she does. She always does," Don Jr. said of Hillary. In another post, the younger Trump mocked Clinton once again, tweeting, "The 'most qualified candidate ever' folks. What a joke" while also saying she was the "gift that keeps on giving."

Trump backlash

After Donald Trump's tweet attacking Hillary Clinton, Democrats, liberals, and many others wasted no time giving their thoughts.

"Must be an indictment coming, usually is when junior gets on one of his Hillary rants," one tweet read.

"She speaks the truth...something you’re not at all familiar with!" yet another tweet added.

"Let's put Hillary aside for a moment, and talk about Stormy, OK? Now, tell me what you think of the text & videos she has of Daddy. That's current news. For Hillary, she's a citizen and has the right to express her freedom of speech. I know your jealous she won the popular vote!" one Twitter user wrote.

"I’m having a special party when you get indicted, you greasy little treasonweasel," an additional tweet added. "You’re so obsessed with Hillary. This is the third time you've tweeted this same video. Grow tf up!" a social media user pointed out.