After over a year, Republicans on the House Intel Committee have concluded that there was no collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign in regards to the hacking of the 2016 election. In response, the president decided to confirm the news on Twitter.

Trump on House Intel

The 2016 presidential election will forever be remembered for the hacking of the Democratic National Committee by Russia which led to the shocking election of Donald Trump.

Despite Trump's constant denial that he ever had anything to do with the reported hacking, several well-respected news sources and government agencies have stood by their reporting of Russia hacking into the election with the goal of electing Trump. Over the last year, an investigation has been taking place, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, which has indicted multiple past and current associates of the president with their own link back to the Kremlin.

While this has been the case, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee revealed that they found no evidence linking Donald Trump to Russia, with a 150-page report being sent to Democrats on Tuesday.

Democrats weren't impressed, referring to the GOP findings as a smokescreen. As expected, Trump was thrilled with the news and decided to post an all-caps tweet on March 12. "THE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE HAS, AFTER A 14 MONTH LONG IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATION, FOUND NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION OR COORDINATION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND RUSSIA TO INFLUENCE THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION," Trump tweeted.

Twitter backlash

While Donald Trump was happy with the Republican-led report by the House Intelligence Committee, critics of the president decided to sound off in response. "Mueller’s investigation is far from over, but hey, whatever works for you," one tweet read.

"Breaking news: Republicans covering up for Donald Trump and being corrupt af!" a Twitter user wrote.

"LOL 'In-Depth'...also you forgot to mention is was only your Republican buddies that said this. Turn off the caps," yet another tweet stated. "Meaningless. Partisan. It’s. Mueller time," a follow-up tweet added.

"They didn’t subpoena anyone. That wasn’t an investigation," a social media user went on to add.

"That’s because the Republicans on the committee are all traitors who have put party ahead of country. They are all complicit. Mueller’s investigation is still ongoing. You’re going down," a tweet added. The negative reaction continued as many were not impressed with the president's reaction to the GOP report.