The incident occurred in Jackson, Mississippi, on Greenway Drive. Walmart shoppers became witnesses to a vehicle's live destruction, as one man attempted to stop a female driver from repetitively smashing into a store-front pole. Time and time again, in an episodic amount of rage, the woman reversed into the Walmart property...slowly destroying the small car.

If you're interested in the video, feel free to watch it below.

Road rage makes you destroy your own car?

Not exactly. You see, according to WLBT-3 News, the car didn't belong to the driver. The source reports that the man allowed the woman to borrow the car days prior, as notes Jackson Police Department's Sergeant Roderick Holmes.

However, when he asked for the vehicle to be returned, things escalated regardless of being at Walmart. That's the thing about road rage incidents. Generally, those emotions trigger no matter the location; yet, they're rarely ever justified.

Well, as the situation progressed, another man walked outside the Walmart shopping center and began to assault the vehicle in attempts to disrupt the woman's aggression. During the video, you see him literally punch the glass window three times, shattering it via the last strike.

Nevertheless, according to Holmes, no one was injured during the incident, and the Road Rage suspect was taken into custody. There's no word of the woman's charges at the moment.

However, in addition to her driving mania, WLBT's Mike Evans reports via caption that the woman was seen exposing herself outside the store, just before the incident began.

Walmart video feedback soars into the thousands

After just a few hours, this particular Parking Lot rage footage had garnered several thousand shares. While it's a widely-agreed-upon opinion that Walmart is where the action happens (as far as department stores are concerned), people were slightly more shocked than the "norm" by how this situation occurred.

The comments section of Mike Evans' video suggests that a few more perspectives were hinted. According to Candice McKay McCormick, the car was possibly in process of repossession. McCormick states as follows.

"From comments I’ve read this car was being repossessed and she, already on drugs or high didn’t agree w them taking it???

The news still doesn’t really know i don’t think Ppl are crazy."

However, that claim has not been verified by sources.

All in all, let us know your thoughts in the comments below regarding this peculiar road rage incident.