A senseless and tragic road rage incident in Lowell, MA left one man dead and another woman facing first-degree murder charges. Graciela Paulino, 20, was arrested for killing 34-year-old construction worker Mark Devoe.

The two allegedly encountered each other while driving in Lowell. After a couple of brief verbal exchanges, Devoe was dead.

It began with Devoe allegedly cutting off Paulino in traffic. Enraged, Paulino began following Devoe through Lowell.

At one point, Devoe exited the vehicle and exchanged words with the mad driver. Listening to the advice of his friend Devoe got back in his car and left.

That should have been the end of it, except Paulino still kept following the two men. When they stopped a second time, Paulino drove up slowly and shot Devoe once in the chest. Though he tried to chase after her, Devoe crashed his car and eventually died at the hospital.

Incriminating herself

Shortly after the shooting, Paulino posted an ominous message on her Facebook page.

“Tried to warn Em tried to tell Em told Em stop that you my son don’t make me spank you.”

The arresting officers noted the post in their report as it will likely be seen as an admission of guilt when this goes to trial.

Surveillance footage in the surrounding area also placed Paulino's car at the scene of the crime.

If she was trying to get away with an unnecessary murder, she did not put in too much effort.

Reigniting the "Dreamer" debate

While officials and the community are still trying to pick up the pieces regarding what and how this senseless tragedy unfolded, many are pointing to Paulino's immigrant status as an issue.

A number of recent cases involving murder and manslaughter have been quick to note when the alleged offender was an illegal immigrant. The stereotype of violent criminals being deported from the United States, only to return and commit even more violent crimes is one that sticks in the minds of many.

Each time a case like this presents itself, it is hard not to fall into that stereotypical trap that directs anger in a certain direction but does not solve any real issue. All of the parties involved had no knowledge of each other prior to their encounter. This confrontation could have bee any person regardless of race, gender or legal status.

Whether or not Paulino was an illegal immigrant is beside the point. She already faced charges for other violent crimes and should have been locked up for those incidents. The system failed in this regard and the result was the loss of life of an innocent man who was doing nothing more than grabbing a bite to eat on his work lunch break.