President Tayyab Erdogan of Turkey has visions of grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. He has been wanting to assert himself in the region and project Turkish military power in lands surrounding Turkey. He probably feels that Turkey would once again become a great power like it was during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. With this in mind, he ordered the Turkish Army to Invade Syria and decimate the YPG. He hoped for a quick and decisive victory that would have consolidated Turkish power in the region.

The invasion has not gone according to plan and the Turkish Army is bogged down.

The YPG militia is putting up stiff resistance and the going is tough for the Turkish army. Channel News Asia has reported that seven soldiers were killed in battle with the YPG militia including five in a tank which was destroyed. Earlier, the militia had downed a helicopter and two Turkish soldiers were killed. The YPG has admitted to the deaths of three of their foreign fighters.

The Kurds

The Kurds are supported by the Americans with whom they have been allied for many years. They are the principal supporters of America in their fight against the ISIS. The failure of the Turkish Army to win the battle in North East Syria will be a matter of concern to President Erdogan. He will have to cut a sorry face before the world.

The Turkish Army has suffered significant casualties in the battle against the YPG and Erdogan would be wondering how his expectation of a quick and decisive victory has not borne fruit. As things stand, there appears to be very little chance of the Turkish Army winning the ongoing Battle against the Kurds.

CNN has reported that President Assad, despite giving lip service of opposing the Turkish invasion, is in reality quite happy that the Kurds who are allied with America should be defeated.

The United States does not want Assad in power because of his close association with Russia. Iran is also a factor and is supporting Assad. The United States recently carried out a bombing of the Syrian Army on the pretext of fighting the ISIS and more than a hundred soldiers of Assad were killed.


Syria is now a cauldron of opposing forces.

The invasion by Turkey is of alarm to the United States, as Turkey is a member of NATO and is supposed ally of America.At the same time, the Americans cannot leave the Kurds who have been with America through thick and thin for many years. All this is to the advantage of Assad who is consolidating his power with the help of Russia.