Syria is in the throes of big trouble. There are many groups fighting there and the USA has now effectively entered the arena. The Russians had almost pulled off a coup by decimating the ISIS and bolstering the Assad regime with support from Iran. This is something the US think tank cannot accept, as the American policy after the end of World War II has always been that any peace must be rubber-stamped by the USA and only as per what the USA wants.

The New York Times has reported that on February 16, CENTCOM authorized a bombing attack on the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, with the purported aim of targeting the Islamic state.

The American attack

The attack, however, ended up targeting troops of the Syrian Army loyal to President Assad. The US has admitted the sir strike and regretted it but as per reports, 62 Syrian soldiers were killed. The attack lasted for 20 minutes but this is a long time when planes fly at supersonic speed. The attack was called off after a Telephone Call by the Russians that the US warplanes were not targeting ISIS but the troops of President Assad.

Target Assad

Syria and Russia have called for an emergency session of the security council to discuss the unprovoked attack. The Russians are angry and this attack could lead to further escalation of the war in Syria.As per Syrian government spokesperson, the attack was deliberate and all along the US knew that it was attacking Syrian army troops loyal to Assad.

He further went on to add that the main aim of the USA is not to fight ISIS but to remove Assad from power. There is more than a grain of truth in this accusation. In the modern age with sophisticated radar and identification techniques, it is inconceivable that the US warplanes could have mistaken the Syrian army soldiers as ISIS fighters.

The state-run television channel SAMA of Syria, in an Arabic broadcast clearly stated that the attack exposed the "false claims" of the USA that it was fighting terror. Despite this bombing, the USA is nowhere in control of the situation in Syria. To top it off, Turkey, an ally of the USA and a member of NATO, has attacked Kurdish militia in north Syria.

These Kurdish fighters have for years been supported by the USA and are the Americans staunch allies.


Assad remains in control of most of Syria but he is not having an easy time as the USA will not allow him any respite. With Russia and Iran backing him, the Americans cannot expect a cakewalk in Syria, like they had against Saddam